The Summer 24 Salesforce release is coming, so here’s some information to help you get ready.

Important Information for Summer ’24 Release

  • Your Salesforce org will be upgraded to the new release in approximately 1 Month.
  • For non-Hyperforce orgs, refer to for the time and date of your 5-minute upgrade window. For Hyperforce orgs, refer to Get Core Major Releases with No Downtime.
  • During the upgrade window for non-Hyperforce orgs, your users receive a message that the service is momentarily unavailable. When the service is available, your Salesforce org is on the Summer ’24 release.
  • This reminder only applies to your production instance upgrade. For information on sandbox upgrades, see

The 5-minute release window applies only to major release upgrades to non-hyperforce orgs. System maintenance windows haven’t changed.

For easy reference to this information, bookmark To learn more about our new Summer ’24 features, see Summer ’24 Preview Release Notes and Release Notes Changelog.

Tectonic Summer 24 Release is Coming Resources

See how the Summer ’24 release helps teams work smarter with new product innovations built on CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

  • What’s New for the Salesforce Release Notes?
    Learn about new features that make the Salesforce release notes easier to use. Think of this page as release notes for the release notes, and check back each seasonal release to see what’s new and improved. We also welcome your feedback!
  • How to Use the Release Notes
    The Salesforce release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. They include setup information, tips to help you get started, and best practices to ensure your continued success.
  • Get Ready for the Release
    Reading the release notes is a great step in preparing for the release. These other resources help get you and your users ready for what’s coming your way. We add resources throughout the release when they become available, so check back often.
  • Release Notes for Features Released Monthly
    Salesforce releases features and enhancements more frequently than three times per year for some products. Find out what’s new and read more about these features, as often as monthly, right here in the seasonal release notes.
  • Release Note Changes
    Read about changes to the release notes, with the most recent changes first.
  • Supported Browsers
    We’ve made some changes to our supported browsers documentation, making it easier to find what you need. Supported browsers for Salesforce vary depending on whether you use Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.
  • How and When Do Features Become Available?
    Some features in Spring ’24 affect all users immediately after the release goes live. Consider communicating these changes to your users beforehand so that they’re prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
  • Salesforce Overall
    Learn about new features and enhancements that affect your Salesforce experience overall.
  • Release Updates
    Salesforce periodically provides release updates that improve the performance, logic, security, and usability of our products. The Release Updates page provides a list of updates that can be necessary for your organization to enable. Some release updates affect existing customizations.
  • Analytics
    Analytics enhancements include new and updated features for Lightning reports and dashboards, Data Cloud reports and dashboards, CRM Analytics, Intelligent apps, and Tableau.
  • Commerce
    Commerce Cloud enhancements include new and updated features for B2B and D2C Commerce, Salesforce Order Management, and Salesforce Payments.
  • Customization
    Manage users more easily with the user access, public group, permission set, and permission set group summaries. Give record page users more of what they need where and when they need it with Lightning record page enhancements such as blank space support and visibility rules on individual tabs.
  • Data Cloud
    Ingest, harmonize, unify, and analyze streaming and batch data with Data Cloud. Then use that data to unlock meaningful and intelligent experiences across Customer 360 applications and beyond.
  • Deployment
    Check out what’s new in change sets.
  • Development
    Whether you’re using Lightning components, Visualforce, Apex, or Salesforce APIs with your favorite programming language, these enhancements help you develop amazing applications, integrations, and packages for resale to other organizations.
  • Einstein
    Supercharge your workforce efficiency with predictive and generative AI.
  • Experience Cloud
    Customization is key, and Experience Cloud is here to help you deliver. Integrate enhanced LWR sites with Data Cloud to gain deeper insights into site visitor interactions. Elevate your site with new styling features for forms and buttons, streamlined search options, and increased control over the layout and spacing of your LWR sites. Improve your visitor login experience with a new integration framework for headless login and guest user identity flows. Stay productive on the go with a collection of updates to the Mobile Publisher app.
  • Field Service
    See what’s new in Field Service to help your team deliver on performance and customer service.
  • Industries
    Industries solutions shape Salesforce to the needs of your business, reducing the need for you to customize things yourself. Consumer Goods Cloud streamlines delivery and distribution processes with Direct Store Delivery and Van Sales. Optimize service operations in the field with Field Service for Industries. Health Cloud integrates with Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG) to bring industry-standard assessments to Integrated Care Management. Loyalty Management gives marketing managers greater flexibility with Global Promotions Management. Manufacturing Cloud helps manufacturers streamline the process of recovering costs on defective parts from suppliers with Warranty Supplier Recovery. Salesforce for Education helps students plan their degrees better with Intelligent Degree Planning. We also have plenty of changes for Automotive Cloud, Salesforce for Nonprofits, Public Sector Solutions, Industries common features, and much more.
  • Marketing
    Salesforce offers three marketing products: Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot), Engagement (formerly known as Marketing Cloud), and Marketing Cloud Growth edition. Unified Messaging tools support Marketing Cloud Growth and other Salesforce apps.
  • MuleSoft
    Use the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform suite of products to connect and integrate apps, systems, and data across your enterprise. Streamline operations by building and automating processes with clicks instead of code. You can design, develop, govern, and share APIs and integration apps and host them in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Mobile
    Configure offline landing pages without code using Mobile Builder for Salesforce Mobile App, which is now generally available. Improve your Mobile Publisher app with new security features and prepare your app for new notification and device operating system requirements. Submit the required Firebase information for push notifications on Android mobile connected apps.
  • OmniStudio
    In Summer ’24, OmniStudio (when the Managed Package Runtime setting is disabled) supports features from OmniStudio for Vlocity, including filling address fields in omniscripts with Google Map data, using Salesforce private connect for HTTP actions in integration procedures, and choosing whether to merge entries within a list in an integration procedure list action. Also, DataRaptor is now Omnistudio Data Mapper. For Winter ’25 upgrades, disable New Order Save Behavior. To prepare for future releases, remove organization and profile standard objects from data mappers, remove OmniStudio components with unlocked packages, and check the impact of the date change in the ADDDAY function return.
  • Revenue
    Automate and scale your revenue operations with a robust portfolio of Revenue Cloud products. Use Revenue Lifecycle Management to empower your organization’s sales and revenue management processes. Salesforce Billing offers efficient resolutions to all invoice processing issues.
  • Sales
    Boost your sales teams’ results with new Einstein features, more actions, and improved performance and setup experiences. Sales rep’s get a boost to their productivity with standard and custom list view actions in the Account, Contact, and Lead Intelligence views. Sales teams have a bird’s-eye view of their conversations with customers with Conversation Signals. Sales managers have more flexibility in how they view forecasts. Enablement has an improved test and deploy experience for sales programs. And in Salesforce Maps, users experience better performance when plotting for high-volume data.
  • Salesforce CMS
    Clone any content type and its variants, add an API name when you create an enhanced CMS workspace and content, and work with CMS content previews.
  • Salesforce Flow
    Compose intelligent workflows with Flow Builder and Flow Orchestration. Integrate across any system with Flow Integration.
  • Salesforce for Slack Integrations
    Use Slack and Salesforce together to connect with customers, track progress, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver team success from anywhere.
  • Security, Identity, and Privacy
    External Client App Manager, OAuth 2.0 token exchange handlers, and Event Log File Browser are each now available in Setup. Also, external client apps now support a bunch of new OAuth flows. Give users access to manage custom domains with a new, more targeted user permission. Create uninterrupted user experiences across Salesforce and custom interfaces with the new Single-Access UI Bridge API. Access your Data Cloud encryption policy status from the Security Center Encryption Policy metric. Scratch orgs on Salesforce Edge Network use partitioned domains. And Android mobile connected apps now require the Admin SDK private key and project ID from a Google Firebase project.
  • Service
    Check out new features that enable customer service agents to work faster and more productively across customer service channels.
    Prepare your business, employees, and facilities. Respond to major events, such as the current COVID-19 crisis, with the apps and services in
  • Other Salesforce Products and Services
    Get the latest information on features from Customer Success Group, Heroku, IdeaExchange, and Trailhead GO.
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