In 2021, when Salesforce acquired Slack, Rob Seaman, the SVP for Slack at Salesforce, expressed his vision of making Slack the primary engagement channel for users, encompassing communications, work, workflows, processes, and supported apps.  Hence the Summer ’22 Slack updates brought major enhancements.

Firstly, Salesforce has seamlessly integrated Slack into its toolset, expanding its applications to sales, service, marketing, and analytics. The Summer ’22 release introduces additional ways Salesforce intends to leverage Slack to enhance user experiences on the Salesforce Platform.

Summer '22 Slack Updates

Salesforce Cloud Integrations for Slack:

Salesforce introduces new integrations with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, seamlessly bringing Salesforce data and tools into Slack. Thereby this integration enhances team performance, provides more insightful conversations, and drives action-oriented interactions.

In Sales Cloud, users can connect to Slack workspaces, enabling the surfacing of critical Sales Cloud data across the organization within the Digital HQ for Sales. Therefore, sales conversations are centralized, and teams receive automatic notifications about important updates related to opportunities or accounts within Salesforce-linked channels. Lastly, real-time notifications empower sales teams to focus on high-priority opportunities and allocate resources efficiently.

Summer '22 Slack updates

The Notification Wizard allows individuals to customize alerts based on their preferences, ensuring important deals are communicated to managers in personalized Slack channels. This functionality ensures that no crucial information falls through the cracks.

For Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce introduces Slack + Financial Services Cloud to accelerate decision-making from the Digital HQ for Financial Services. Users can efficiently execute deals and collaborate effectively by creating and reviewing interaction summaries directly from Slack, along with establishing deal channels for compliance-approved deals.

CRM Analytics for Slack:

Significantly, Summer ’22 Slack updates added integrations. The integration of CRM Analytics and Slack allows users to bring data into every conversation, providing data-driven insights from anywhere in the Salesforce ecosystem. The Digital HQ for Analytics ensures analytics accessibility throughout the organization, making data more impactful.

Login Enhancements for Slack and Microsoft:

Employees and customers can now seamlessly sign into Salesforce orgs, Experience Cloud sites, and third-party apps connected to Salesforce using their Slack or Microsoft credentials.

Care Coordination for Slack:

In the healthcare domain, care coordinators can improve outcomes and reduce readmissions by streamlining transitions of care. The integration allows care team members to create escalated events in Health Cloud, generating alert notifications for Care Coordinators.

summer '22 Slack updates

Student Success Alerts for Slack:

A Slack app facilitates faculty or any member of a student’s support team to raise alerts about at-risk students, directly feeding into the Student Success Hub. Alerts notify the student’s advisor promptly for timely intervention.

Salesforce’s dedicated efforts in crafting experiences and workflows aim to redefine collaboration. By integrating messaging as a complementary tool to its products, Salesforce automates tasks like creating Slack channels or sending account updates. These updates represent just a glimpse of the extensive offerings within the Salesforce Summer ’22 release.

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