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AI's Impact on the Workforce

AI’s Impact on the Workforce

According to McKinsey, generative AI has the potential to contribute between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion in value to the global economy across various industries, spanning banking, retail, high tech, healthcare, and life sciences. Its impact is expected to reach diverse professions, including customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and research and development. The

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Cloud Based Business Solutions

What Can’t Generative AI Do?

There is a tremendous amount of discussion about all the capabilities of generative AI, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt to look at the other side of the AI coin.  The USC Library published a piece in October of 2023 that did just that. In addition to the identified limitations discussed below, generative

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Roles in AI

12 Roles in AI You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know

Exploring new roles in generative AI – 12 new roles to dive into For those intrigued by the possibilities of AI, here are twelve emerging roles to keep an eye on—some already in existence (albeit in early stages), and others envisioned by experts like Berthy for the near future. Could one of these roles be

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Generative AI Glossary

The Salesforce Generative AI Glossary

Salesforce has built and maintains a fairly definitive glossary of generative Artificial Intelligence terminology, Tectonic thought was good enough to share in our insights. Salesforce Generative AI Glossary. Help everyone in your company understand key generative AI terms, and what they mean for your customer relationships. Fun fact: This article was (partially) written using generative

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Salesforce Chat GPT

What’s Happening with ChatGPT and Salesforce

ChatGPT and Salesforce The integration of ChatGPT with Salesforce presents an opportunity to streamline organizational processes, resulting in significant time savings. This integration not only enhances CRM data management with generative AI but also takes the customer experience to new heights. Integration Process: To integrate ChatGPT with Salesforce, the typical process involves creating an account

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Generative AI Regulations

Salesforce, Data Science, and Generative AI

Is Salesforce utilized in the field of data science? Salesforce data science and Generative AI Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) democratizes access to machine learning through the Salesforce Data Management Platform, enabling widespread adoption of data science capabilities. Utilizing Salesforce for Data Science Empowerment: The integration of Salesforce into data science represents a transformative endeavor aimed at

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Use Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT Announcement

Salesforce Introduces Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT to Revolutionize Personalized Campaigns and Shopping Experiences with Generative AI San Francisco — June 7, 2023 — Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global CRM leader, announced today at Connections its latest innovations, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, which combine generative AI with real-time data from Data Cloud. These groundbreaking

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Slack and AI

Just When You Thought We Were GPT’d Out, Here Comes Slack and Generative AI

Since its public introduction in 2014, Slack has transformed from its original concept, a searchable log of all conversation and knowledge, into a comprehensive productivity platform that has reshaped how work and co-working is conducted. Get ready! Here comes Slack and Generative AI! In a recent release, Salesforce Slack unveiled a next-generation platform. A platform

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Salesforce's Get Ready for AI Report

CoMarketing is Here

A New Era: Introducing CoMarketing Clouds is here. Original source articl written by Jim Lundy of Aragon Research. CoMarketing Clouds (CMCs), a new category identified by Aragon, has emerged as a response to the demand for an integrated stack powered by Generative AI. Here are some key insights into this groundbreaking category: CoMarketing Clouds –

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Cloud First

Advances in Generative AI

What is generative AI?  Generative AI focuses on creating new and original content, chat responses, designs, synthetic data or even deepfakes.  While predictive AI worked on predefined, human supplied rules, generative AI functions somewhat autonomously. Advances in Generative AI have been groundbreaking. Advances in generative AI represent a significant advancement beyond established technologies like predictive

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