Deep Dive Summer 24 Release

Get ready, Salesforce fans! The Summer ’24 release is here, and it’s like Christmas morning for tech geeks. We’re talking about new features, enhancements, and improvements that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. This Tectonic insight is your ultimate guide to all the exciting updates, changes, and key considerations for this release. So hang on tight to your keyboards and let’s dive into the Christmas treat bag of goodies coming your way!

Key Highlights – Deep Dive Summer 24 Release

  • Enhanced User Interface: Sleek, intuitive, and streamlined for your delight.
  • New Automation Tools: Workflows so smooth, you’ll forget what manual labor felt like.
  • Improved Analytics and Reporting: Now with more insights than your mother-in-law at Thanksgiving.
  • Expanded Integration: More third-party apps at your fingertips, seamlessly.
  • Security and Compliance Enhancements: Because data protection is alwasy a hot topic.

What’s New in Einstein AI?

1. Einstein for Flow

Meet your new best friend for building Salesforce workflows, Salesforce Flow. Just describe what you need in plain English, and Einstein will whip up the workflow for you. For example, say “Notify sales reps when a lead converts,” and boom, it’s done. Automation just got a whole lot easier and way cooler.

How to:

  1. Enable: Turn on Einstein generative AI in Setup.
  2. Create: Navigate to Flows in Setup and click New Flow.
  3. Select: Choose “Let Einstein Help You Build.”
  4. Review: Check, debug, and test the draft flow.

Einstein for Flow makes complex processes feel like a walk in the park, letting you deliver solutions faster than you can say “workflow.”


  • Flow Overload: Stick to best practices to avoid a messy overflow of flows.
  • Quality Control: Test those AI-generated flows like your job depends on it (because it might).
  • Training: Make sure your team knows how to use this powerful tool without breaking the system.

2. Einstein for Formulas

No more tearing your hair out over formula syntax errors. Einstein for Formulas will not only tell you what’s wrong but also suggest fixes, saving you from endless hours of debugging.

How to:

  1. Enter or Use an Existing Formula: In the Formula Editor.
  2. Click “Use Formula Assistant”: Einstein will suggest fixes for any syntax errors detected.

Einstein for Formulas cuts down errors and speeds up formula creation, making your life exponentially easier. Like easier squared. Easier to the nth degree.


  • Complex Formulas: Stick to best practices to keep performance issues at bay.

UI/UX Enhancements

1. Add New Custom Fields to Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages

Say goodbye to limitations! You can now add new custom fields directly to Dynamic Forms-enabled pages, aligning fields with your ever-changing business needs.


  • Naming Conventions: Keep your lightning page layouts well-named for easy identification.

2. Use Blank Spaces to Align Fields on Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages

Finally, a way to make your Dynamic Forms pages look neat and tidy with blank spaces for perfect alignment.


  • Field Limit: Remember, a blank space counts against the 100-field-per-region limit.

3. Set Conditional Visibility for Individual Tabs in Lightning App Builder

Now you can make specific tabs visible based on user profiles, record types, or other criteria. Customization just got a whole lot more precise.


  • End User Confusion: Ensure clear configurations to avoid baffling users.
  • Maintenance Overhead: Be ready for updates when user profiles or record types change.
  • Potential Performance Impact: Complex conditions might slow down your pages.

4. Create Rich Text Headings in Lightning App Builder

Make your headings pop with bold, italic, and varied font sizes. Your Lightning pages are about to get a visual upgrade.


  • Accessibility Challenges: Keep your headings accessible to all users.
  • Potential Performance Impact: Overly complex headings might slow down page loads.
  • Inconsistent Styling: Standardize formatting to avoid a hodgepodge look.

Flow Updates

1. Automation Lightning App

A one-stop shop for managing and executing all your automation tools and processes.


  • Permissions: Make sure the right people have the right permissions to avoid chaos.

2. Lock and Unlock Records with Action

Gain more control over your processes by locking records during critical stages and unlocking them when done.


  • Bottlenecks: Avoid slowing down operations.
  • User Frustration: Locking at the wrong time can be a big no-no.
  • Potential for Deadlocks: Multiple processes locking the same records could cause headaches.

3. Check for Matching Records (Upsert) When Creating Records

Avoid duplicates by checking for existing records before creating new ones. One can never have too many de-dupe tools.


  • Incorrect Matching: Set your criteria correctly.
  • Data Overwrites: Be careful with upsert logic to prevent unintentional overwrites.

4. Transform Your Data in Flows (Generally Available)

Now generally available, perform calculations, data transformations, and more with the Transform element in Flow Builder.


  • Data Quality Issues: Accurate transformation logic is key to avoiding problems.

Admin Enhancements

1. Field History Tracking

Manage tracked objects and fields more efficiently with a centralized page in “Setup.”


  • Excessive Tracking: Avoid tracking everything to maintain performance.

2. See What’s Enabled in Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups (Generally Available)

Enhanced permission set viewing improves visibility and control over security configurations.


  • Increased Complexity: Coordinate changes carefully across profiles and permission sets.

3. Get a Summary of User’s Permissions and Access

Quickly view user permissions, public groups, and queues from the user’s detail page.

Help and Training Community: Salesforce is simplifying Permission Set management by phasing out Profiles.

Data Cloud

Vector Database

Vector search capabilities allow the creation of searchable “vector embeddings” from unstructured data, enhancing AI applications’ understanding of semantic similarities and context.


  • Compatibility: Ensure supported file formats and CRM data types are compatible.
  • Configuration Management: Understand and manage search index configurations effectively.

Deep Dive Summer 24 Release

The Salesforce Summer ’24 release is packed with features designed to enhance your Salesforce experience. From a sleek new interface to powerful automation tools, enhanced analytics, and expanded integration options, this release aims to elevate workflow efficiency and data protection. Jump into the exciting updates, and let’s make automation simpler and more user-friendly together!

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