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Gearset's Features Empower Salesforce Teams

Gearset’s Features Empower Salesforce Teams

Gearset, a leading Salesforce DevOps platform, is introducing a new suite of features aimed at accelerating and improving reliable release management for Salesforce teams. Gearset’s Features Empower Salesforce Teams. These enhancements, including Archiving, expanded Compare and Deploy capabilities, and Flow Navigator, address critical user feedback and deliver tools for optimizing data and enhancing visibility throughout

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Salesforce Developer and DevOps Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of Salesforce developer terms you will often here in relation to Salesforce Development. Acronym Meaning Defintion ALM Application Lifestyle Management “How changes and enhancements are rolled out to Salesforce instances. Having a solid ALM process ensures the org continues to work properly and delivers the most value to end-users. Within

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