Gearset, a leading Salesforce DevOps platform, is introducing a new suite of features aimed at accelerating and improving reliable release management for Salesforce teams. Gearset’s Features Empower Salesforce Teams. These enhancements, including Archiving, expanded Compare and Deploy capabilities, and Flow Navigator, address critical user feedback and deliver tools for optimizing data and enhancing visibility throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

According to Matt Dickens, CPO and co-founder of Gearset, effective DevOps strategies rely on accurate and consistent data to deploy applications at the pace of innovation. The latest features empower teams to manage and apply relevant data in real-time, supporting organizations in navigating continuous changes to drive business growth on Salesforce confidently.

Gearset Archiving provides organizations with control over Salesforce data storage by consolidating backup, sandbox seeding, and monitoring solutions into a unified platform. By eliminating outdated data from Salesforce orgs, enterprises can reduce storage costs and prevent performance degradation. Key benefits of Archiving include:

  • Customizable archiving rules to automatically reduce Salesforce data storage
  • On-demand restoration of records individually or in bulk
  • Policy-based archiving to ensure compliance with data protection regulations
  • Integrated management alongside Gearset’s backup and data management solutions

Dickens explains that Gearset Archiving allows teams to safely store obsolete or legacy data off-platform while maintaining accessibility for future use, without impacting org performance.

Maintaining clean and consistent metadata across the organization is crucial for Gearset. Recognizing limitations in Salesforce deployment tools, Gearset’s enhanced Compare and Deploy capability now enables DevOps teams to quickly analyze and compare metadata, facilitating efficient issue identification and resolution during deployments. This update streamlines operations, ensuring faster delivery of business-critical functionality to maximize ROI.

Gearset’s Flow Navigator tool introduces visual comparison capabilities for Salesforce deployments, addressing challenges with Flow versioning and enhancing transparency in deployment processes. By presenting flows in their native Salesforce format, Flow Navigator enables teams to better manage deployments and mitigate potential conflicts.

Dickens emphasizes that Gearset remains committed to user-driven innovation, aiming to continuously address Salesforce challenges and deliver solutions that save time, reduce stress, and improve efficiency for all customers.

In summary, Gearset’s latest release underscores its dedication to empowering Salesforce teams with robust tools tailored to enhance efficiency and reliability across the DevOps lifecycle.

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