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Improve Manufacturing Sales by Improving Partner Engagement

Did you know that half of all B2B revenue is generated through channel partner sales? A recent 2022 survey revealed that 80% of B2B executives find their partner programs ineffective, potentially slowing or even blocking product sales. The obstacles to improvements with manufacturing partners include siloed systems and data, fragmented processes, inconsistent programs, and outdated

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Salesforce Partner Portal

Salesforce Partner Portals Built on Salesforce Experience Cloud

In the pursuit of strengthening partner relationships and expanding market reach, the adoption of a robust partner portal is crucial. Salesforce Experience Cloud presents an optimal solution that empowers organizations to craft customized and collaborative partner portals.  All with the security and flexibility you expect from Salesforce. Salesforce Partner Portals Built on Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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Salesforce Partner Platform Experience Cloud

Manage Customer Relationships with Experience Cloud

Offer your customers a secure and exclusive platform for managing their account details through the Experience Cloud’s Customer Account Portal solution. Enhance customer relationships with Experience Cloud. Better interactions and reduced service-related expenses by implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud granting customers the ability to view and settle invoices. They canupdate account information and access your knowledge

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