Did you know that half of all B2B revenue is generated through channel partner sales? A recent 2022 survey revealed that 80% of B2B executives find their partner programs ineffective, potentially slowing or even blocking product sales. The obstacles to improvements with manufacturing partners include siloed systems and data, fragmented processes, inconsistent programs, and outdated communication channels. You can improve manufacturing partner engagement. Learn more.

improve manufacturing partner engagement

To overcome these challenges and enhance manufacturing partner relationships.

For increased sales, consider focusing on three key areas:

  • Make it Easier for Channel Partners:
    • Manufacturers historically focused on product-centric improvements but must now prioritize customer and partner experiences.
    • Invest in technology, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform like Salesforce, to integrate data across systems, providing visibility into the entire relationship.
    • Facilitate efficient collaboration by sharing information like leads, order status, pricing, customer service cases, and warranty claims with channel partners.  Build a Partner Community with Salesforce Experience Cloud.
  • Help Partners Sell Faster:
    • Collaborate with partners on a community page, allowing them to configure, price, quote (CPQ), access order status, and utilize marketing materials.
    • Implement partner enablement platforms to provide real-time data and insights, resulting in improved sales and efficiency.
    • Leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the channel sales process, from delivering leads to guiding partners through the quoting process.
  • Enhance Customer and Partner Service:
    • Recognize services as crucial revenue streams, with over 89% of manufacturers considering them essential elements of their value proposition.
    • Provide self-service capabilities, including AI-surfaced knowledge articles, FAQs, order tracking, scheduling, e-commerce, and warranty workflows, to reduce friction and lower cost-to-serve.  Salesforce and Einstein AI make it easier than ever to deliver self-serve solutions to partners.
    • Enable partners to offer diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and remote assistance through the Internet of Things (IoT), enhancing the customer experience and building brand loyalty.

By prioritizing transparency, investing in technology, and streamlining processes, manufacturers can strengthen partner relationships, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Focus on making it easier for partners to do business with you, build trust, and create a unified, shared view of data to achieve mutually beneficial relationships.

Is it time to explore how Tectonic and Salesforce can improve your partner engagementContact us today.

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