Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has hinted at the upcoming launch of a new AI and automation platform geared towards customer support. Salesforce Agentforce Platform. In anticipation of September’s Dreamforce event, Benioff used X, formerly Twitter, to offer a sneak peek into the platform, specifically highlighting its customer-facing “Einstein Service Agent.”

In his post, Benioff underscores the essential features of the virtual agent, emphasizing how it will seamlessly blend digital and human-assisted support to expedite case resolutions. This blended experience appears to build upon the technology integrated into Salesforce following its acquisition of in 2023. provides a low- to no-code bot-building platform that empowers businesses to orchestrate AI-driven conversational experiences. Primarily used for service automation, Airkit enables firms to design and automate complex cross-platform workflows, enhancing automated customer interactions across Salesforce applications.

The Einstein Service Agent, positioned within Salesforce’s broader Einstein 1 vision, leverages Data Cloud to create a unified, cross-functional data ecosystem. Benioff hints at the agent’s capability to span service, sales, marketing, and commerce functionalities, underscoring its pivotal role within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Expanding on’s foundational capabilities, Salesforce has integrated Mulesoft to enable insights triggering cross-platform automations, alongside real-time data harmonization within Data Cloud. Moreover, the platform now incorporates generative AI (GenAI), enhancing its ability to interpret text, images, and audio/video for diverse customer engagement scenarios.

Despite these advancements, Benioff acknowledges that no virtual agent, even with GenAI augmentation, can resolve every customer query alone. Salesforce ensures omnichannel transfers and human handoffs to address more complex issues effectively.

In an era where many vendors offer similar conversational AI capabilities, Salesforce distinguishes itself through ecosystem integration and orchestration. Benioff emphasizes the value of low- to no-code workflow orchestration, democratizing AI technology for non-programmers and fostering an inclusive AI revolution.

Expect Benioff to elaborate further on these themes and unveil more details about the Agentforce Platform during his keynote at the 2024 Dreamforce event.

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