Mastering Salesforce Customization with Tectonic

As an official Salesforce Consulting Partner, Tectonic brings nearly two decades of experience in delivering Salesforce configuration and customization services. Our team includes over 80 Salesforce Certified Consultants dedicated to providing tailored solutions for nonprofits and membership associations.

We specialize in customizing, configuring, and implementing Salesforce solutions to meet specific client needs. Our services range from configuring core functionality to expanding scope with AMS implementations like Fonteva, across various Salesforce clouds.

The Benefits of Salesforce Customization

Salesforce customization offers a more engaging, personalized user experience for your member community, customers, or partners and a more streamlined, profitable platform for your team.

Salesforce Customization Services

Leverage the full potential of Salesforce with Tectonic’s customization and configuration services.

Our Salesforce Customizations and Configurations

As an official Salesforce Consulting Partner, Tectonic has extensive experience delivering Salesforce configuration and customization services, supported by a team of Salesforce Certified Consultants.

We work with nonprofits and membership associations to customize, configure, and implement Salesforce solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Our services include configuring core functionality, expanding scope with AMS implementations like Fonteva, and working with various Salesforce clouds:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud

Our Workspace

Salesforce is continually evolving, and so are we. Tectonic’s workspace is our R&D arena where we experiment with next-gen technologies and solutions to ensure our clients receive cutting-edge configurations.

Tech Stack Integration

Salesforce is the central hub of an entire ecosystem. We deploy proven AppExchange products to extend your Salesforce platform and integrate existing components of your tech stack into one holistic system.

Device Optimization

Experience design drives our Salesforce configurations. With the trend towards smart devices, we ensure your Salesforce platform delivers a seamless experience on any device.

Code Review

We maintain a strict code review process to ensure your Salesforce platform is robust and reliable, preventing breakdowns during critical processes like membership renewals or webinar bookings.


With a highly configured Salesforce platform, documentation is essential. We maintain and deliver comprehensive documentation throughout the process, from gathering requirements to implementing your Salesforce solution.

The Benefits of Salesforce Customization

Drive Member Engagement

Tailoring your Salesforce platform to your members makes it more intuitive and engaging. We configure custom elements like personalized Experience Cloud pages and registration flows that align new users with the right organization.

Increase Revenue

Salesforce customization enhances user experience, leading to improved sales and a stronger revenue pipeline. Features like visibility of cart abandonment, Stripe integration, and streamlined payment processing bolster revenue.

Enable Greater Efficiency

A customized platform doesn’t have to be complex. We help replace your legacy CRM and AMS, streamline essential processes, and simplify managing and updating the system.

Tectonic’s Customization Projects

For over a decade, we’ve helped nonprofits and membership organizations support their missions and engage their communities with Salesforce.

Working with Tectonic

Customizing Salesforce requires the right support. Tectonic is a trusted tech partner with deep platform expertise. We know when to use Salesforce flows or configure with code and can navigate common pitfalls. We follow best practices for developing Salesforce functionality and support IT teams through complex transitions or deliver proofs of concept to architecture review boards.

Delivery and Integration

Our standardized delivery model ensures efficient, consistent integration of new solutions based on our extensive experience. We guide you through building and transitioning to your new Salesforce platform while supporting ongoing growth and data management on your current CRM.

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