Salesforce took a strategic approach to cater to specific industries a few years ago, introducing the ‘Industries’ Cloud products. These products aimed to offer tailored CRM frameworks that address the unique needs of organizations within those industries. By enabling businesses to leverage Salesforce efficiently without the need for extensive structural modifications. Account Engagement for Healthcare and Life Sciences is one of those industry specific products.

Industry Specific

Having worked with diverse businesses spanning various industries, one could observe the distinct structural variations in Sales Cloud from one industry to another. It became evident that Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement needed to adapt to seamlessly integrate into this framework, aligning with Salesforce records and processes rather than competing with them.

Account Engagement for Healthcare

Account Engagement, formerly known as Pardot, has responded by introducing industry-focused offerings, with specific emphasis on Salesforce Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud. This discussion will look into Account Engagement (Pardot) for Healthcare & Life Sciences, highlighting popular healthcare marketing use cases within this vertical. 

Before exploring these use cases, let’s understand the unique features of Salesforce Health Cloud compared to the standard Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Health Cloud: Key Differentiators

Salesforce Health Cloud extends beyond marketing hype, presenting substantial differences beneath the surface compared to the standard Sales Cloud.

Understanding the structured objects on the Salesforce side is crucial, as Account Engagement (Pardot) must seamlessly integrate into this data model, complementing Salesforce records and processes. Notable features of Salesforce Health Cloud include:

  • Types of People: Leads, Contacts, Candidate Patients, and Patients (special Person Accounts).
  • Special Objects: Care Plan (case), Care Team – all with unique behavior from their original form.
  • Unique Objects: Problems, Goals, Clinical Data, Care Requests, Care Diagnosis, Member Plans, Preauthorizations.

Source: ‘The Health Cloud Data Model,’ Note: Not all objects listed are included.

3 Healthcare Marketing Use Cases for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly Pardot

Given the complex web of relationships in Health Cloud, Account Engagement, primarily B2B, focuses on engaging healthcare professionals. Here are three use cases for different sub-verticals:

  • Healthcare Professional Engagement in Life Sciences: Foster loyalty by maintaining top-of-mind awareness with valuable repeat buyers in the life sciences sector who purchase drug and medical device products.
  • Physician Referral Management: Boost physician referrals by strategically delivering educational content to them at the right time, encouraging more frequent and informed referrals.
  • Healthcare Payers: Conduct business development within your corporate customer base, including marketing to acquire new customers or upsell to existing ones. Keep brokers engaged and loyal by running campaigns from Pardot into broker communities using Community Cloud, i.e., the Salesforce portal product.

Salesforce Account Engagement’s alignment with Salesforce’s industry-specific mission marks a positive step, offering tailored solutions for verticals with distinct CRM requirements. This alignment is expected to enhance the compatibility of Pardot-specific objects with Health Cloud objects, improving record synchronization, segmentation, and overall marketing operational efficiency.

Tectonic looks forward to assisting your organization in uniting the marketing power of Account Engagement with Health Cloud.  Contact us today.

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