Spring ’24 Einstein Release

Supercharge your workforce efficiency with predictive and generative AI.

Einstein Features

Learn more about how Einstein can supercharge productivity across all Salesforce clouds. Einstein features are released as often as monthly, so check back again soon for the latest AI solutions. Features included in the January monthly release generally become available when Spring ’24 rolls out to your org.

February ’24
SalesSales EmailsGet More Options with Custom Sales Email Templates
ServiceGenerative AI SurveysEinstein for Feedback Management
ServiceWork SummariesClose Cases More Efficiently with Work Summaries in Einstein Copilot (Beta)
ServiceWork SummariesUse Work Summaries for Messaging Channels in More Languages
January ’24
CommerceConcierge, Einstein Return Insights, Page Meta Tags, Smart Promotions, and moreCommerce Einstein
Data CloudEinstein SegmentsReach the Right Audiences with Generative AI
Einstein SearchEinstein Search, Search AnswersEinstein Search
IndustriesContracts AIContracts AI (can be outdated or unavailable during release preview)
PlatformEinstein for FormulasGet a Natural-Language Explanation of Your Formulas
SalesCall Explorer, Call SummariesEinstein Conversation Insights
SalesContact SuggestionsSpend Less Time Finding New Contacts with Einstein Suggestions
SalesEinstein Activity Capture, Sales EmailsSales Cloud Einstein
ServiceEinstein Conversation Mining, Service Replies, Work SummariesEinstein for Service
ServiceWork SummariesWrap Up Call and Enhanced Messaging Sessions Faster with Einstein Work Summaries

Spring ’24 Einstein release

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