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Customer Experience

Engage Your Community with Experience Cloud

Community engagement operates as a mutual exchange of ideas and information, and Salesforce facilitates communication with your constituents while providing an avenue for reciprocal connections. This involves sharing feedback, participating in community events, and expanding networks through Salesforce Experience Cloud. Engage Your Community with Experience Cloud. Engage Your Community with Experience Cloud Community engagement is

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salesforce einstein analytics and hospitality

Trust in AI Data

As companies rapidly embrace Artificial Intelligence and realize its benefits, trust must be their top priority. And to instill trust in AI, they must first instill trust in the data that powers it. Think about data as a well-balanced diet for AI — you’re healthiest when you avoid junk food and consume all the proper

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Bring Your Own Lake With Google BigQuery

Bring Your Own Lake With Google BigQuery

Can BigQuery Function as a Data Lake? Why you should Bring Your Own Lake With Google BigQuery. Google BigQuery serves as a fully-managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse, utilizing Google’s infrastructure’s processing power. The combination of Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery transforms Google Cloud Platform into a scalable data lake capable of storing both structured and unstructured

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Snowflake and Salesforce with Embed

Snowflake and Customer 360 Data Model

What is data modelling in Snowflake? Snowflake and Customer 360 Data Model Data modeling is the process of organizing and mapping data using simplified diagrams, symbols, and text to represent data associations and flow. Engineers use these models to develop new software and to update legacy software. Data modeling also ensures the consistency and quality

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Google 360 Analytics Dashboard in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Audience Insights

Salesforce Audience Insights By Tectonic’s Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne Salesforce Marketing Cloud is so much more than just an email sending platform. This insight explores how it can power your advertising.; Marketing Cloud offers robust audience segmentation capabilities, empowering marketers to effectively segment their customer base. The integration of AI through Audience Insights enhances this

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Salesforce Success Story

Case Study: Large Faith-Based Religious Entity/Nonprofit-Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Nonprofit Success Pack

Undergoing a profound revitalization and restructuring process that combines six existing Provinces into a single, unified Province that will better serve the organization and its constituents’ needs. nonprofit salesforce marketing cloud success pack

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Sales Cloud Einstein

How Einstein Lead Scoring Works on Your Prospect Data

How Einstein Lead Scoring Works on Your Prospect Data By Shannan Hearne, Tectonic Marketing Consultant The love hate relationship between sales and marketing is based on lead quality.  Each party is tempted to blame the other for deals that fail to close.  Either marketing thinks the sales team dropped the ball following up with the

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud Evolution

Data Cloud stands as the fastest-growing organically built product in Salesforce’s history, signifying a significant milestone in solving the enduring data problem within Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Salesforce Data Cloud Evolution since its beginnings is an interesting story. With an average of 928 systems per company, identity resolution becomes challenging, especially when managing more than

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