B2BMA in Salesforce

B2BMA in Salesforce is a CRM Analytics app that segments and visualizes your marketing and sales data. After you assign user permissions, marketers can create B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards in CRM Analytics Studio. Before you begin, you must have a verified Salesforce connector.

B2B Marketing Analytics gets you running with analytics for Salesforce Account Engagement faster.  B2BMA has a bit of a learning curve but it sheds light on valuable insights hidden in your marketing data.  Available for Account Engagement Pro, Advanced, and Premium customers, before adding it is important to know what edition you are running.

Your Account Engagement data (such as campaigns, email engagement, visitor data, etc.), is “packaged up” into datasets and sent into CRM Analytics through dataflow.

B2B Marketing Analytics gives you clear data visualizations and comparisons that aren’t possible with Account Engagement, formerly Pardot, or Salesforce reports. B2BMA analytics is highly flexible, as you can combine datasets, and apply filters to “slice and dice” data any way you like.

Salesforce CRM Analytics was formerly known as Einstein Analytics/Tableau CRM.

B2BMA comes out of the box with datasets and dashboards, providing you with a solid foundation. However, we may want to tell a bigger story, to expand on this information and bring in more data. B2BMA allows you to create more datasets using the data manager.

If you are looking for more customization with B2BMA, contact Tectonic today.

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