Create a 360 Degree view of their providers to build loyalty and increase patient engagement using data and segmentation

salesforce financial services healthcare

Salesforce provides comprehensive solutions tailored for the healthcare industry, addressing the specific needs of both payers (insurance providers) and providers (healthcare organizations). These solutions are designed to enhance patient engagement, improve operational efficiency, and drive better health outcomes. Salesforce Financial Services and Healthcare solutions.

Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Financial Services and
Healthcare Solutions
Financial Services and Healthcare Payer Solutions


  • Adding providers and maintaining the network of providers was a difficult and manual process
  • The networks that providers belong to are constantly changing
  • Delivering relevant and timely communications
  • Automate onboarding process for new providers which was taking 60-90 days
  • Growing the provider network to meet the needs of patients requires constant adjustment


  • Implemented Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud 
  • Integration with customers Data Warehouse to obtain Provider and Patient Data
  • Customize a Provider on-boarding and application management process
  • The following business processes were implemented in Salesforce: Prospect Management, Practice/Provider Management and Credentials Management


  • Enabled Marketing Managers to perform advanced segmentation and personalization to drive engagement
  • Provder On-boarding process reduced from 60-90 days to 14-21 days
  • Customer has reports and measure to take control of their Provider networks and proactively manage them

salesforce financial services healthcare

salesforce financial services healthcare

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