An American chain store of bakery-cafe fast food restaurants with over 2,000 locations, all of which operate in 48 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. The restaurant offers a sit-down restaurants (some with drive-throughs) where customers can enjoy a variety of freshly made sandwiches on your choice of bread, accompanied by soup or salad.

Salesforce Case Study: Transforming  a Large Restaurant Entity by leveraging Salesforce.

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Experience Cloud


  • Sales team was using Salesforce, a better technology but the solution was designed poorly. Customer Support team was using Oracle RightNow but there were large gaps between the tool and the business processes.
  • Company used Salesforce’s older Classic instance and wanted to migrate to Lightning but did not have the resources to accomplish the migration.
  • Systems were not fully integrated leading to data quality issues, including the duplicate contacts and incidents / cases in Oracle RightNow.
  • No access to real time data at the Cafes and inability to transfer the cases to the individual Cafes. 
  • Data quality issues caused inefficiency around overall case escalations.
  • Case Disposition and Training Duration increased the cost of the overall support organization
  • Inability to manage the capacity of the agents and skilled base case routing
  • No real time analytics and absence of one window to engage the supervisors
  • Customer facing knowledge content was not well organized and there was no ability to track the usage and effectiveness of the knowledge content


  • Converted the Salesforce Org to Lightning 
  • Implemented Experience Cloud for Cafe users 
  • Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to improve the overall business processes for Customer Support and Cafe teams.
  • Implemented Omni Channel and Guided Cases flows to minimize the Case Disposition duration and bring in efficiency and consistency.
  • Enabled the Support team to handle the cases through multiple communication channels, Phone, Email, Web, Chat and Social.
  • Integration with Outreach to synch customers data with Salesforce
  • Integration of Formstack forms with Salesforce for auto-creation of cases
  • Integration of Workday with Salesforce for synching user information for access management
  • Implemented Social Customer Services to handle customer queries under Case Management in Salesforce
  • Implemented Self Service Portal 
  • Replaced Oracle RightNow, Avaya Softphone, and reporting using excel Pivot Tables


  • Lightning enhanced the sales team ability to pinpoint the customers they need to contact and increase their business, including the sales through Cafes.
  • The new Lightning platform eliminated some of the customizations, making their version of Salesforce easier to support and enhance.
  • Experience Cloud allowed Cafe users to help the Sales Team and the Support Team resolve the Cafe specific cases.
  • Improved overall business processes for Sales, Customer Support and Café teams.
  • Provided better control to the supervisor with smart case escalation process and live analytics (reports & dashboards) around over all support center KPIs.
  • Self Service Portal / Knowledgebase minimized the calls and let the customers find knowledge content efficiently, a whole step by step process to let the customer reach to the right document while troubleshooting the issue by themselves. This implementation helped to reduce the customer support cost significantly. 
  • Improved data quality and added measures to avoid duplicate data in the system with the help of robust integration with the data warehouse. 


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