Experience Cloud

Customization is key, and Experience Cloud is here to help you deliver. Salesforce Summer 24 Experience Cloud Release. Integrate enhanced LWR sites with Data Cloud to gain deeper insights into site visitor interactions. Elevate your site with new styling features for forms and buttons, streamlined search options, and increased control over the layout and spacing of your LWR sites. Improve your visitor login experience with a new integration framework for headless login and guest user identity flows. Stay productive on the go with a collection of updates to the Mobile Publisher app.

Salesforce Summer 24 Experience Cloud Release

  • Prepare Your LWR and Aura Sites for Design System Architecture Updates
    To support future UI changes, we’re modifying the internal implementation of Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) styles, custom properties, and Salesforce Lightning components, including standard components in site templates. In Summer ’24, we expect these changes to have little to no impact on your site customizations. However, if your site customizes Salesforce components by overriding their CSS, we recommend that you instead use supported techniques. Otherwise, your site can’t adopt future product innovations of the UI without experiencing visual regressions.
  • Upgrade Your App with the Latest Features from Mobile Publisher for Experience Cloud
    Protect your Mobile Publisher for Experience Cloud app with new security features, such as user opt-in biometric login (beta), snapshot prevention, and customizable mobile security policies. To make sure that your Android app meets Google’s requirements for notifications and permissions, submit the required Firebase information and permission description for posting notifications. Prepare your users for the new device operating system minimums of Android 8 and iOS 16. Mobile Publisher Android apps distributed with the legacy Managed Public option no longer receive app updates in Summer ’24 and later releases.
  • Aura and LWR Sites
    Harness the power of Data Cloud for your enhanced LWR site and gain a deeper understanding of your site visitors. Precisely style the layout, forms, and buttons on your LWR site with an abundance of new styling properties in Experience Builder. Use Search Manager, now generally available, to deliver relevant search results and create search configurations. Work more efficiently with the ability to see updates to dependent picklists in the Record Detail component. For your Aura, LWR, and Visualforce sites, use your sandbox environment to try upgraded record components based on the Lightning web components framework.
  • Site Performance
    Enjoy faster page load times and improved security and SEO for LWR sites in the Experience Delivery pilot. Public site pages built in Visualforce also load more quickly thanks to new caching behavior. Update references to your old force.com sites to ensure continued access.
  • Security and Sharing
    New features improve the login experience to your Experience Cloud sites. For off-platform apps, use the new integration framework to set up headless login and guest user identity flows. Control who can manage custom domains and URLs with a new, more targeted permission. Audit more settings for Visualforce sites in Site History, and switch to a single domain certificate if you’re using a shared domain certificate for your Salesforce CDN.
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