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Slack and AI

Just When You Thought We Were GPT’d Out, Here Comes Slack and Generative AI

Since its public introduction in 2014, Slack has transformed from its original concept, a searchable log of all conversation and knowledge, into a comprehensive productivity platform that has reshaped how work and co-working is conducted. Get ready! Here comes Slack and Generative AI! In a recent release, Salesforce Slack unveiled a next-generation platform. A platform

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Salesforce Data Cloud

What Does Salesforce Data Cloud Do?

Salesforce Data Cloud, formerly known as Salesforce CDP, has rapidly become Salesforce’s fastest-growing, organically-developed product. To understand the vision for Data Cloud, it’s essential to understand the foundational capabilities of CDPs. Salesforce CDP, now part of Data Cloud, has been delivering the following: Customer Disparate Data Consider the typical customer, leaving a robust data trail

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