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Salesforce enhanced domains

Enhanced Domains in Salesforce

Enhanced domains are the current version of My Domain that meets the latest browser requirements. With enhanced domains, all URLs across your org contain your specific My Domain name. Including URLs for your Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, Visualforce pages, and content files. This feature changes domain suffixes (the part after the My Domain name)

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Salesforce CPQ

Choosing a New Salesforce for Outlook Solution

6 Tips for Choosing a New Salesforce for Outlook Solution as an Email Tool: As you gear up for the transition, consider the following insights when selecting a replacement for Salesforce for Outlook: As you evaluate New Salesforce for Outlook Solutions, reach out to Tectonic for assistance in selecting the right solution for your organization.

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Digital Marketing Roadmap

Digital transformation is becoming a mantra in business, but how do you embark on this journey?  What is the goal?  What does it look like?  Begin with a digital marketing roadmap. What is the roadmap for digital marketing? A digital marketing roadmap lays out your major areas of focus and ensures iterations stay grounded in

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Salesforce role hierarchy

What is a Salesforce Data Dictionary?

What is a Salesforce Data Dictionary? A Salesforce data dictionary functions as a comprehensive repository containing names, attributes, and descriptions of data objects or business logic within a data model. Its primary purpose is to ensure consistency in the terminology used by business users or stakeholders, particularly regarding type/category, such as personally identifiable information (PII).

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Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Apps and The Utility Bar

Ever considered having a static section in Salesforce for essential items like training links, flows, external links, visualforce pages, phone dialer, and more? Look no further – enter the Salesforce Lightning ‘Utility Bar.’ This insight provides a quick introduction to the utility bar, detailing how to set up and make the most of this handy

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Salesforce and Checkmarx

What is Checkmarx in Salesforce?

Checkmarx SCA is a tool designed to provide a comprehensive scan of all open source components used within the Salesforce deployment. As a public sector and education solution, Checkmarx is highly rated. Checkmarx CxSAST is a highly accurate and flexible Static Code Analysis Tool that allows organizations to automatically scan un-compiled / un-built code and

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Cloud Managed Services

Page Layout in Salesforce

Page layouts in Salesforce are essential for controlling the arrangement and organization of various elements on object record pages in Salesforce. These elements include buttons, fields, s-controls, Visualforce, custom links, and related lists. Page layouts play a crucial role in determining the visibility, read-only status, and required fields, allowing customization of record pages tailored to

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