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AI's Impact on the Workforce

AI’s Impact on the Workforce

According to McKinsey, generative AI has the potential to contribute between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion in value to the global economy across various industries, spanning banking, retail, high tech, healthcare, and life sciences. Its impact is expected to reach diverse professions, including customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and research and development. The

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Cloud Based Business Solutions

What Can’t Generative AI Do?

There is a tremendous amount of discussion about all the capabilities of generative AI, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt to look at the other side of the AI coin.  The USC Library published a piece in October of 2023 that did just that. In addition to the identified limitations discussed below, generative

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Jan '24 Einstein Data Cloud Updates

January ’24 Einstein Data Cloud Updates

Utilize Generative AI to Target Audiences Effectively Harness the power of generative AI with Einstein Segment Creation in Data Cloud to create precise audience segments. Describe your target audience, and Einstein Segment Creation swiftly produces a segment using trusted customer data available in Data Cloud. This segment can be easily edited and fine-tuned as necessary.

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Salesforce Einstein Copilot

What’s Included in Einstein Copilot Studio?

Christmas came early this year with Salesforce’s announcement of Einstein Copilot Studio. Einstein Copilot Studio will encompass the following features: By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne Like1 Related Posts Salesforce’s Quest for AI for the Masses The software engine, Optimus Prime (not to be confused with the Autobot leader), originated in a basement beneath

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Salesforce Flow

Einstein Flow and Generative AI

By Shannan Hearne, Tectonic Marketing Consultant Based on Nov 2023 Salesforce post from Cesar Castro As part of the ongoing evolution of Salesforce’s Einstein AI, Salesforce provided an update on how Einstein is impacting one of your favorite tools in your Salesforce admin toolkit: Salesforce Flow. Flow, with its numerous powerful capabilities, has been instrumental

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Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Introducing Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot introduces a cutting-edge generative A. Powered by a conversational assistant seamlessly embedded within every Salesforce application. Its strategically enhancing workflow and yielding substantial gains in productivity.  Announced at Dreamforce 2023, in case you missed it, read on. The newly integrated Einstein 1 Data Cloud, part of the Einstein 1 Platform, allows customers to

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Roles in AI

12 Roles in AI You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know

Exploring new roles in generative AI – 12 new roles to dive into For those intrigued by the possibilities of AI, here are twelve emerging roles to keep an eye on—some already in existence (albeit in early stages), and others envisioned by experts like Berthy for the near future. Could one of these roles be

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Salesforce Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse, fueled by Tableau Artificial Intelligence and exclusive to Tableau Cloud, revolutionizes the data ingestion experience. The ability to empower business users with intelligent, personalized insights seamlessly integrated into their workflows. Whereas once upon a time AI for the lay user was about as friendly as asking Siri a question which she Googles for

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Salesforce Copilot

Spring ’24 Release in Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud

Revolutionizing Data Management with Salesforce’s Einstein and Data Cloud While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the spotlight, there’s an unsung hero eagerly waiting for its moment – Salesforce’s Data Cloud, formerly known as Genie. This product, a source of pride for Salesforce, is set to play a crucial role in powering AI on the Einstein

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