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Zapier for Salesforce

Salesforce and Zapier and Anything You Can Imagine

Zapier enables you to connect Salesforce with thousands of the most popular third-party apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. Providing easy automation for busy Salesforce users. Zapier transfers info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Zapier

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Salesforce Einstein AI Trust Layer

Einstein AI Trust Layer Explained

The Einstein Trust Layer is a secure AI architecture. It is natively built into the Salesforce Platform. Designed for enterprise security standards the Einstein Trust Layer continues to allow teams to benefit from generative AI. Without compromising their customer data, while at the same time letting companies use their trusted data to improve generative AI

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Salesforce Einstein Copilot

What’s Included in Einstein Copilot Studio?

By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne Christmas came early this year with Salesforce’s announcement of Einstein Copilot Studio. Einstein Copilot Studio will encompass the following features: Like1 Related Posts A World Series Lesson for Your Business The Houston Astros won the World Series last night.  The first time the organization has won the World

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Salesforce the Pioneer of CRM

Salesforce Sales Cloud Maps Lite

Keep your sales representatives focused on meeting and surpassing sales targets by utilizing Salesforce Maps Lite for planning in-person and virtual visits with accounts, contacts, and leads in key geographic areas. This location intelligence and map visualization tool streamlines territory management, aiding reps in planning routes with fewer miles and appointments with fewer schedule gaps.

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Tectonic Salesforce Services

Are You Ready for an End to Salesforce for Outlook?

Embracing Salesforce Change: Navigating the Transition from Salesforce for Outlook Salesforce has recently announced the sundowning of Salesforce for Outlook, presenting a significant shift that opens avenues for sales teams to reinvent their sales processes and discover new solutions that increase productivity. An end to salesforce outlook forces us to re-evaluate. As the transition looms

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Salesforce Integrations for Sales Users

Salesforce integration offers compatibility with a wide array of business tools, and this insight article from Tectonic zeroes in on the most advantageous integrations tailored for your sales teams. Salesforce Integrations for Sales Users encompass various areas from contract management tools to lead enrichment and marketing automation platforms, the focus is on enhancing the efficiency

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Sales Cloud Einstein

How Einstein Lead Scoring Works on Your Prospect Data

How Einstein Lead Scoring Works on Your Prospect Data By Shannan Hearne, Tectonic Marketing Consultant The love hate relationship between sales and marketing is based on lead quality.  Each party is tempted to blame the other for deals that fail to close.  Either marketing thinks the sales team dropped the ball following up with the

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Salesforce CDP

Utilizing a CDP

In the current digital landscape, customer data stands as a pivotal asset for organizations aiming to craft personalized and targeted experiences. Yet, the primary challenge for utilizing a CDP lies in the aggregation and consolidation of this data, often dispersed across a multitude of sources. This is where the significance of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

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Salesforce Backup

Get To Know Salesforce Backup

Salesforce Backup constitutes a vital component of the comprehensive Salesforce data management and security portfolio. For organizations that prioritize data integrity and compliance within their Salesforce environment, integrating this app into their org and establishing a backup policy can be accomplished on the same day. This product empowers companies to safeguard their data against user

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