Effortlessly establish seamless integration between your Salesforce org and an external API, all without writing a single line of code. Harness the capabilities of declarative tools in conjunction with OpenAPI specifications to define the functionality of the external API. Connect Salesforce to an external API for increased productivity.

External Services will autonomously generate invocable actions directly within Salesforce. Whether you prefer low-code, process-driven integrations or aim to enhance your Apex integrations, External Services efficiently handles outbound integrations from Salesforce. Invoke these actions seamlessly from Apex, integrate them into flows, or include them in Einstein bots for smooth interaction with the external API source. Connect Salesforce to an external API to access these benefits.

connect Salesforce to external  APIs

To begin, register OpenAPI 2.0 or OpenAPI 3.0 schemas within External Services. The operations imported from your registered schema effortlessly transform into invocable actions, accessible in Apex or as External Services action types within user-friendly automation tools like Flow Builder, Orchestrator, Einstein bots, or OmniStudio Assets. External Services particularly excels in handling RESTful services hosted externally, especially when the API specification aligns with OpenAPI 2.0 or OpenAPI 3.0 JSON schema formats.

Low-code and no-code solutions for Salesforce allow you to build and deploy applications without needing extensive or any coding knowledge. These tools can help to save your business time and money when it comes to software development as well as allow non-technical users to create and customize applications.

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