Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Dataorama-Employ Marketing Cloud Data with Datorama (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence)

In the realm of modern marketing, success hinges on data-driven insights rather than creative chaos. Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Dataorama tackles the challenges associated with marketing data, offering a robust platform to store, visualize, and leverage data from diverse sources.

What is Datorama?

Originally developed to streamline reporting for advertising technology companies, Datorama is now a pivotal feature within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It caters not only to advertising but also to industries spanning automotive to publishing. Datorama empowers marketers to consolidate marketing spend, campaign results, and trends into a unified and accessible platform.

Employ Marketing Cloud Data with Datorama-now Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Key Features and Use Cases of Dataorama (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence):

  1. Unified Data Integration:
    • Automatically map diverse marketing, advertising, and technical data sources to the Datorama data model.
    • Choose from various integration methods, including API Connect, Total Connect, and LiteConnect, to seamlessly bring all metrics together.
  2. AI-Driven Insights:
    • Leverage AI and machine learning to glean actionable insights, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making across stakeholders.
    • Utilize tools like SmartLenses and Einstein Marketing Insights to monitor trends and optimize campaign strategies.
  3. Visualized Data Insights:
    • Create personalized dashboards using InstaBrand to visualize clean and ready data.
    • Customize reports with company branding and widgets for a professional and informative display.
  4. Effortless Data Export:
    • Export data seamlessly to databases, third-party visualization tools, or analytics platforms using Dataorama’s Query API.
    • Tailor export formats and scheduling to meet specific reporting needs.

Advantages and Limitations of Datorama-Marketing Cloud Intelligence:

  • Advantages:
    • Simplifies data integration and visualization, reducing manual reporting tasks.
    • Enhances decision-making with AI-driven insights and unified data views.
    • Streamlines collaboration across executives, analysts, and marketers.
  • Limitations:
    • While powerful, Datorama’s effectiveness is contingent on proper data hygiene and source compatibility.
Employ Marketing Cloud Data with Datorama

Implementation and Adoption:

To implement Datorama-Marketing Cloud Intelligence within your organization:

  • Download the Datorama Implementation Plan.
  • Explore use cases and benefits outlined in the implementation package.
  • Attend webinars or training sessions to maximize the potential of Datorama for your marketing initiatives.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Intelligence empowers marketers to shift focus from mundane reporting tasks to creative and strategic endeavors. By harnessing the power of data integration, visualization, and AI-driven insights, organizations can elevate their marketing performance and drive business growth effectively.

Employ Marketing Cloud Data with Datorama

Content updated September 2023.

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