Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising, alternatively referred to as Salesforce Fundraising Nonprofit, introduces innovative and user-friendly methods to engage donors, raise funds, and achieve outcomes through specialized tools and data-driven insights.

Salesforce provides an online fundraising platform that creates a cohesive experience for both staff and supporters to diversify and grow.

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising from Salesforce

Fundraising for Nonprofits

Embedded within the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is Salesforce Fundraising Nonprofit. Tailored to cater to organizations of diverse sizes, ranging from small community organizations to expansive international and enterprise-level nonprofits.

Some of its notable features include:

  • Major gift and grant fundraising
  • Mass market fundraising
  • Tools for handling complex and third-party gifts
  • Guided flows for both batch and single gift entry
  • Donation rollups offering summarized donor, household, campaigns, and designation data
  • Guided flows addressing common donor support needs

Leverage these features to consolidate control over your fundraising data, strategies, and operations within a unified product.

Salesforce Fundraising Nonprofit

Fundraising Apps and Features in Salesforce Fundraising Nonprofit

Employ the Fundraising apps to streamline various nonprofit responsibilities and tasks.

Fundraising Strategy:

  • This app furnishes a comprehensive overview of fundraising activities and data, allowing executives and top-level managers to monitor their organization’s fundraising progress. It also provides high-level data crucial for planning future fundraising endeavors.

Donor Engagement:

  • Offering quick access, this app facilitates tracking and managing mass market fundraising efforts. It organizes engagement data, including campaigns, source codes, gift commitments, and reports, ensuring efficient management of outreach initiatives.

Philanthropy & Partnerships:

  • Serving as a centralized hub for major giving and grant solicitations, this app enables the research of major donors and grant makers while recording interactions with them. It serves as a tool for laying the groundwork and managing the steps necessary to cultivate and solicit large gifts.

Fundraising Operations:

  • Tailored for the essential tasks involved in running the business of fundraising, this app supports routine gift entry and processing. It also aids donors in common tasks such as recording commitments, updating commitment schedules, and pausing or resuming commitments.

Understanding the challenging landscape of nonprofit fundraising it is useful to understand how Salesforce addresses the challenges:

Evolving Digital Expectations of Donors Addressed With Salesforce Fundraising Nonprofit

  • Donor expectations have undergone a significant shift, especially given the increased time spent online in recent years. The prevalence of digital marketplaces like Amazon has conditioned donors to anticipate seamless experiences, even when making donations. Adapting to these changing expectations is essential, requiring organizations to meet donors online and cater to their preferences. Relying on the status quo is no longer a viable strategy.

Changes in Privacy Practices

  • Shifts in privacy practices, influenced by technology platform changes, regulatory actions, and consumer preferences, compel organizations to reevaluate how they collect, analyze, and use data for audience engagement. With privacy standards becoming more rigorous, a focus on collecting first-party data directly from consumers and constituents has become paramount.

Decline in Trust in Nonprofits

  • A global trust crisis has emerged, with widespread distrust in institutions, as nearly 6 in 10 people express skepticism until presented with evidence of trustworthiness. Trust in nonprofits declined in countries like Germany, the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. However, nonprofits, as the second-most trusted institutions after businesses, have an opportunity to position themselves as reliable sources of information for those seeking positive change.

Decrease in Donor Numbers

  • The percentage of U.S. households contributing to nonprofits decreased from 66% in 2000 to 49% in 2018, and this trend is expected to persist in 2022 and beyond. Given the shrinking donor pool, prioritizing donor retention becomes crucial for sustainability. Despite this, 85% of nonprofits surveyed in the 2021 Nonprofit Trends Report find donor retention increasingly challenging. In the face of economic uncertainty, fundraisers must intensify efforts to retain donors.

Is Salesforce elevate being discontinued?

In April 2023, Salesforce announced the sunset of its online fundraising solution, Elevate. Elevate is in the process of being retired, and will no longer be sold as of April 3, 2023. See more information in our communication, or find one of our many partners on the AppExchange if you are searching for a digital fundraising solution.

The ability to renew subscriptions will end on October 1, 2023, and Salesforce anticipates that the product will be deactivated on or after October 1, 2024.

Content updated December 2023.

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