Salesforce document generation poses a challenge for businesses, given the intricacies of integration involved. Fortunately, a variety of tools are available for generating documents in Salesforce, and Tectonic is well-equipped to assist in their successful implementation.

Salesforce Industries Document Generation empowers businesses to craft and manage accurate documents linked to standard Salesforce objects, encompassing contracts, opportunities, orders, quotes, and custom objects.

For a more dynamic approach, Salesforce OmniStudio Document Generation facilitates the creation of documents using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint templates. These templates can incorporate values from any JSON-based data within the text, including data sourced from various Salesforce objects. This versatile tool enables the generation of contracts, proposals, quotes, reports, non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, and more.

Salesforce Industries Document Generation seamlessly integrates with Vlocity Insurance, Vlocity Health, communications, media, energy, utilities, government, and beyond. Vlocity Analytics, another valuable component, offers pre-built measurement tools that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Reports, Dashboards, and Einstein.

The Salesforce AppExchange boasts an extensive array of over 200 document generation tools. Your Salesforce partner can assist in selecting, installing, and implementing the most suitable options based on your business requirements.

With Document Generation, you can generate contracts, proposals, quotes, reports, non-disclosure agreements, job offers, service agreements, and so on. You can generate documents using the specified sample client-side or server-side OmniScripts. You can also create your own OmniScripts by cloning and customizing the sample OmniScript to generate documents.

Client-Side document generation is a synchronous process that results in a downloadable preview of the generated documents. You can generate documents from Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx), and Web templates. These templates can include values from any JSON-based data in the text, including data from any Salesforce object. You can optionally convert the resulting documents to .pdf format.

Server-Side document generation is available in both the OmniStudio Foundation and Salesforce Industries packages. Server-Side document generation is an asynchronous process that’s best for large and rendering-heavy documents and for document generation in batches. The Server-Side document generation service is secure and scalable and is hosted on Salesforce Hyperforce. The generated document is stored in your Salesforce org, and is attached to the object for which it’s generated. You can use Apex Classes, sample Integration Procedures, or a sample OmniScript to generate documents.

Client-Side document generation supports Customer Community Plus, Customer Community, and Partner Community users to generate documents using client-side OmniScripts.

Server-Side document generation supports Customer Community Plus, Customer Community, and Partner Community users to generate documents using the singleDocxServersideLwc server-side OmniScript.

With the right licenses, Document Generation is available in the Salesforce Industries package.

Metering measures resource utilization levels and throttling controls resource access and use based on defined rules.

Metering measures the number of server-side documents that are generated by an org hourly and daily. The default hourly and daily limits for processing server-side document generation requests are 1,000 per org and 24,000 per org respectively.

Throttling maintains consistency and resilience of the server-side document generation service by managing incoming server-side document generation requests from multiple orgs. Throttling can also prevent service degradation caused by high volume of requests at peak hours by blocking requests that exceed the default limits. The request details are saved in the Document Generation Processes entity. You can retrieve the blocked requests and later retry the server-side document generation.

No matter what your specific document generation needs, Tectonic simplifies the process of getting your system up and running seamlessly, whether it’s through Salesforce Quickstarts or comprehensive implementation services.

Content updated in 2022.

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