Salesforce CPQ earned a spotlight in our Salesforce specializations rundown due to the scarcity of CPQ-knowledgeable individuals, paving the way for substantial earning potential and opportunities to collaborate with innovative companies. Get to know CPQ in this Tectonic insight.

Distinguishing Salesforce CPQ from Products and Pricebooks

  • First and foremost, grasp the distinctions between CPQ and your existing knowledge base. While Products and Pricebooks are standard Salesforce objects familiar to every admin, Salesforce CPQ utilizes the same foundational objects but extends far beyond with 66 custom objects, unique fields, configurable settings, and advanced logic.

Get to know CPQ for Salesforce

  • The extensive array of features and potential use cases pose a steep learning curve. If you sense that your representatives are underutilizing this sales tool, explore these essential Salesforce CPQ features to inspire experimentation within your organization.
Get to know CPQ

Subscription Products in Salesforce CPQ

  • Subscription products involve recurring payment elements, like monthly (e.g., Netflix) or annual (e.g., Amazon Prime) subscriptions. Tracking customers with subscription-based products is a prominent feature of Salesforce CPQ, particularly beneficial for organizations with recurring renewal opportunities.

Enhance CPQ with Custom Actions

  • Interested in effortlessly showing/hiding products for specific users? This tutorial guides you through using CPQ custom actions to filter product selection, involving the preparation of user, product, and quote objects, and creating custom actions (user buttons) for seamless implementation.

Integrating CPQ with Salesforce Campaigns

  • Combine Salesforce CPQ with various Salesforce features to create innovative solutions for customer and internal delight. One example is integrating CPQ with Salesforce Campaigns, enabling marketing or sales team-led promotions with specific product campaigns featuring promotional prices for designated contacts.

Add-On Tools for Salesforce CPQ

  • Despite stellar sales representatives, delays in delivering product information can jeopardize leads and customer relationships. Numerous integrations for Salesforce CPQ, such as visual configurators, augmented reality, automated billing, and accounting platform integration, simplify complex processes and enhance the customer experience.

Salesforce CPQ Deployments

  • Navigating the intricacies of maintaining Salesforce CPQ, particularly deployments, presents a significant learning curve. Due to the multitude of data relationships between CPQ objects, deploying changes between environments involves working with CPQ object data across multiple organizations, each with its unique CRM ID.

Leveraging Salesforce CPQ can increase efficiency and positively impact various aspects of sales, including time management, deal size, quote accuracy, and overall sales processes. The integration of CPQ as a Subject Matter Expert enhances customer interactions, identifies specializations, and provides options to boost deal size.

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