Salesforce’s Communications Cloud enables the delivery of digital-first journeys and seamless order processes, offering time and cost savings while enhancing operational efficiencies. In collaboration with Tectonic, this Salesforce tool empowers the creation of straightforward yet powerful digital experiences. It aids in streamlining product and service launches, adhering to industry standards, architectures, and leveraging predictive analytics to reduce churn.

Communications Cloud Formerly Vlocity

Built on the world’s leading CRM platform, Communications Cloud, formerly known as Vlocity for communications, empowers B2C, B2B, and wholesale communications service providers (CSPs) to transition to a catalog-driven digital BSS (digital business support system). With purpose-built industry functionality and the comprehensive capabilities of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, service providers can swiftly adapt to changing customer expectations, achieve faster time-to-value, and integrate every aspect of their organization, from marketing and retail channels to customer care and operations.

B2B, B2C, and Multi-Channel

Salesforce Communications Cloud ensures businesses exceed customer expectations across B2B, B2C, and multiple channels. It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds, offering industry-specific functionality. Utilizing analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), it delivers personalized services, enabling omnichannel marketing across various channels.

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Collaborating with Tectonic ensures the seamless integration of Communications Cloud functionality with other Salesforce systems, promoting smooth data flow and cohesive organizational processes.

For specific business operations, like number reservation systems or credit check applications, that are not directly supported by Salesforce Customer 360, OmniStudio and APIs can be employed to integrate third-party applications. This solution provides industry-standard APIs, including TMF620 and TMF645 APIs. Thereby automating processes for faster and more accurate service.

Tailored Customer Interactions

Communications Cloud allows tailoring customer interactions based on individual preferences, providing notifications about promotions, service activations, outages, billing information, product changes, and feedback opportunities. Each communication is tracked on the customer account. Thus enabling Einstein Analytics to monitor interactions for efficient and personalized service.

Commercial and technical teams collaborate using a shared catalog to design and develop customer-specific offers. With reusable components in the shared catalog, teams can efficiently build, test, and connect offer elements, reducing time-to-market.

Customers can order products and services through various channels, and Communications Cloud, being omnichannel, processes and stores information using a master data source. It ensures that products and services offered are relevant, correctly configured, priced, available, and deliverable before the order is placed.

Integration with Marketing and Service Clouds facilitates order fulfillment, service scheduling, and customer communication. Call center interactions become opportunities to build relationships and make informed suggestions. What used to be complaints now enhancing the customer experience.

In the communications industry, changes to plans and services, known as move, add, change, delete (MACD), are managed through Communications Cloud integration with Salesforce Service and Marketing clouds. Sales reps create MACD orders with industries CPQ, keeping customers informed of progress and scheduling relevant service appointments.

Tectonic, as a Salesforce Consulting Partner, assists companies in utilizing Communications Cloud effectively. Through the discovery process, roles and responsibilities are mapped to determine how key employees can best leverage Salesforce Communications Cloud.

Tectonic comprises a skilled team of Salesforce-certified Consultants, Developers, Analysts, and Project Managers. Specializing in innovative Salesforce solutions, the team brings custom Salesforce technology to various business aspects. Always ensuring strategic services align with specific needs.

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