The CIO’s website recently delved into the primary obstacles to achieving success in IT. Tectonic echoes these concerns and offers insights and remedies based on our Salesforce Implementation Solutions.

Issues such as data challenges, technical debt, and talent shortages can significantly hinder the progress of IT organizations and departments in executing high-value projects. Several CIOs have shared their approaches to tackling these challenges. Tectonic poses solutions based upon the Salesforce ecosystem.

Carm Taglienti, Chief Data Officer and Distinguished Engineer at Insight, reflects on the dual nature of the recent surge in artificial intelligence (AI). While AI advancements have undoubtedly enhanced efficiency and productivity across technology departments, lines of business, and business units, the rapid proliferation of AI technologies, particularly generative AI, has disrupted numerous IT plans. Taglienti emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt swiftly to these technological shifts to avoid derailing critical projects.

Gov Agencies AI Workforce Challenges

Tectonic recently looked at challenges the public sector face in regards to AI. Read more here.

The rapid evolution of technology poses a continuous challenge for IT leaders. The relentless pace of technological advancements, exemplified by the rise of AI, demands proactive resource allocation to stay competitive. Ryan Downing, CIO of Principal Financial Group, underscores the necessity of adopting a strategic approach to navigate the complexities of multicloud environments effectively.

Tectonic echoes the multicloud challenge. We address this for our clients with Salesforce implementation, optimization, consulting, and ongoing managed services. Salesforce remains the world’s number one CRM solution for a reason. Cloud solutions for marketing, personalization, patient data privacy, manufacturing, feedback management, and more are just a small sampling of the IT solutions Salesforce and Tectonic present.

Unaddressed data issues pose a significant impediment to realizing the full potential of analytics, automation, and AI. Many organizations are grappling with legacy systems and inadequate data management practices, hindering their progress in succesfully deploying advanced technologies. Working with a Salesforce partner can address this challenge.

The scarcity of skilled talent remains a pressing concern for CIOs, as highlighted in the State of the CIO Study by Foundry. Despite efforts to train internal staff and leverage contractors, filling critical tech positions remains challenging, impeding transformation initiatives. Managed services providers help address this skill gap.

Technical debt and legacy systems present additional hurdles for IT departments. The maintenance of outdated infrastructure drains resources and limits innovation, forcing CIOs to strike a delicate balance between modernization efforts and operational demands.

Addressing cybersecurity threats and compliance with evolving regulations further strains IT resources, necessitating proactive measures to safeguard organizational assets and maintain regulatory compliance.

Striking the right balance between sustaining existing operations, fostering growth, and driving transformative initiatives is another challenge facing CIOs. Scott Saccal of Cambrex emphasizes the importance of aligning resource allocation with strategic objectives to avoid market displacement.

The allure of new technologies, coupled with executive pressure to explore shiny objects, can divert focus from core priorities, hampering strategic execution.

Shadow IT and the lack of organizational agility pose additional barriers to IT success, highlighting the need for CIOs to foster collaboration, align IT initiatives with business goals, and cultivate a culture of adaptability within their departments. ‘Shadow IT’ refers to the unsanctioned use of software, hardware, or other systems and services within an organization, often without the knowledge of that organization’s information technology (IT) department.

CIOs must navigate a myriad of challenges, from technological disruptions to talent shortages, while maintaining a laser focus on strategic objectives to drive organizational success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Tectonic is here to consult and achieve your IT challenges. Contact us today.

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