Salesforce recently commission Forrester to wrangle up the state of AI. Overwhelmingly a CRM tool was found to be crucial for transformation driven by artificial intelligence. 89% of those surveyed said AI strategy and capability are top of mind when selecting a CRM partner. Tectonic is pleased to share our thoughts on the crucial role of Salesforce CRM for AI driven transformation.

As companies increasingly adopt AI across various technologies, CRM is emerging as a crucial foundation for business transformation driven by AI. The interactions with customers generate substantial volumes of unstructured data from emails, meeting transcripts, phone conversations, and more.

AI has the capability to distill this data into key insights and actionable next steps, thereby streamlining employee workflows and enhancing customer interactions. Today’s CRM customers are eager to leverage AI-powered CRMs to personalize front office content, address inquiries, and summarize customer interactions.

Customers are rapidly integrating AI across most CRM use cases. According to Forrester’s research:

  • The significance of AI capabilities has grown, with 89% of respondents stating that AI strategy and capabilities are crucial when partnering with a CRM vendor today. This marks a 112% increase since 2021, where only 42% considered advanced capabilities important.
  • Respondents are actively investing in AI-powered CRMs to stay competitive, improve customer experience (CX), and boost operational efficiency. Over half of respondents have already implemented AI in marketing and sales use cases, such as executing online commerce transactions and conducting white space analysis for marketing outreach. In the next six months, they plan to expand AI into customer service use cases, including personalized product recommendations and routing customer service inquiries.
Salesforce CRM for AI driven transformation
Salesforce CRM for AI driven transformation

The success of integrating AI capabilities into CRM relies heavily on data readiness. AI-powered CRMs depend on high-quality, well-structured, and clean data for informed predictions, personalized recommendations, and automation of various tasks. Respondents recognize the criticality of data readiness, with 92% emphasizing the importance of a strong data strategy for AI success. However, despite this awareness, many respondents are rushing to implement AI before achieving data readiness, with only 34% having a formal data strategy integrated across the business.

Not only is Salesforce CRM a great choice for your digital AI transformation. Salesforce Data Cloud assists in ingesting and unifying data, ensuring your data is ready. Are you aware of the Salesforce Data Cloud license offer?

Data readiness practices are generally low, as indicated by respondents ranking their organization’s level of data readiness into three bands: A, B, and C. Twenty-seven percent have ad hoc data initiatives and lack a formal strategy (band A), 39% have a formal data strategy but it is not integrated across the business (band B), and only 34% have a formal strategy integrated across the business (band C). Data readiness is critical for AI-powered CRM, as incomplete or unreliable data may lead to inaccurate and incomplete AI models, risking adverse outcomes.

Data remains a primary challenge in Customer Relationship Management, with respondents highlighting data quality issues, extensive reliance on manual processes to synthesize data, and a lack of internal data skills as their top challenges. It’s essential to address these challenges, especially when incorporating generative AI features into an organization’s CRM, as genAI specifically requires a significant amount of data for successful implementation.

Tectonic is ready to help you assess your data, implement Salesforce CRM, and experience an AI driven transformation.

Contact Tectonic today for a trusted Salesforce partner to assist with your AI driven transformation.

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