Salesforce Health Cloud is a specialized platform tailored for health industry organizations, offering an automated approach to streamline practices and deliver personalized care to patients and providers. By harnessing the security of cloud technology, coupled with mobile and social capabilities, Health Cloud strives to reduce costs and enhance productivity, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of patients and their individual needs.

Since its inception in 2016, Salesforce Health Cloud has evolved significantly, adapting to the intricacies of the sensitive and dynamic health industry. The latest addition to its offerings, Customer 360 for Health, represents a strategic move towards more empathetic care, bolstering patient trust and fostering team collaboration.


Incorporating Salesforce CPQ – Teal P into the mix, Salesforce Health Cloud fundamentally links diverse teams to ensure patients receive optimal care, regardless of the hands through which their care passes. Data security is a paramount concern, with Salesforce’s multi-layered security approach guaranteeing that patient information is shared only with the healthcare professionals who require it.

As part of Salesforce’s Industry Clouds, Health Cloud combines CRM capabilities with advanced features tailored specifically for healthcare providers, payers, medical device companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Its overarching goal is to facilitate personalized, connected care across the entire healthcare ecosystem, spanning patient engagement, care coordination, and beyond.

Salesforce Health Cloud caters to various entities within the healthcare industry, including healthcare providers, payers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical research organizations. In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the platform addresses challenges such as managing complex patient data, coordinating care across teams, and delivering personalized patient experiences.

Notable success stories include organizations like New England Biolabs and John Muir Health, which have leveraged Health Cloud to streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance care coordination.

Put the patient at the center of their care.

Deliver more efficient care and improve outcomes when you connect clinical data, social determinants, preferences and more.

At the core of Salesforce Health Cloud’s architecture lies the Health Cloud Data Model, a flexible and extensible framework accommodating diverse healthcare data sources. This model organizes data around the patient, creating a 360-degree view to aid healthcare professionals in making informed decisions and delivering personalized care.

Key features of Salesforce Health Cloud include Patient 360, Care Plans, Care Coordination, Health Timeline, and Einstein Analytics for Healthcare. These features collectively empower healthcare providers to enhance patient outcomes, streamline operations, and optimize financial performance.

Salesforce Health Cloud

The platform continues to evolve with new features, such as Advanced Therapy Management, Salesforce Genie for Healthcare, AI-Supported Health Timeline, Home Health, Data Cloud for Healthcare, MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud, and Tableau Accelerators for Health Cloud. These innovations aim to further streamline processes, enhance patient profiles, and provide actionable insights.

Scale patient-centric experiences across your organization.

Deliver personalized patient and provider engagement and support programs while accelerating R&D innovation on a connected platform.

Integration with MuleSoft ensures seamless connectivity with existing electronic health records, billing systems, and healthcare applications, unlocking the full potential of data for informed decision-making and streamlined workflows.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a powerful and versatile platform that not only addresses the unique needs of healthcare organizations but also offers additional benefits to revolutionize patient care and operational efficiency. With continuous integration into the Salesforce ecosystem and a wealth of developer resources, Health Cloud stands as a promising force for positive change in the healthcare industry, providing a pathway towards a brighter future.

Content updated July 2022.

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