Here is a helpful glossary of terms you are likely to encounter when discussing Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity). Salesforce Industries Acronyms.

Salesforce Industries Acronyms

AcronymMeaningIndustry CloudDefinition
AARAccount-Account RelationshipsFinancial Services CloudA feature to relate households with businesses and organizations. For example, it can be a relationship between a household and their trust.
ABMAccount Based MarketingMarketing Cloud and Account EngagementAccount based marketing is a marketing strategy targeting accounts that are look-alikes to existing customers of a high value, marketing to a group of individuals in the account.
ACRAccount-Contact RelationshipsFinancial Services CloudA feature to build Account-Contact Relationships between their clients and households. For example, it can be a relationship between a household and a member of the household.
AUMAssets Under ManagementFinancial Services Cloud“The total market value of the investments that a person or entity manages on behalf of clients.” (source)
AUM is featured in the pre-defined reports and dashboards within Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.
CCRContact-Contact RelationshipsFinancial Services CloudA feature to relate members of the household with other contacts. For example, it can be a member of the household related to their attorney or accountant.
CSRDCorporate Sustainability Reporting DirectiveNet Zero CloudA prominent regulation mandated by the EU to encourage Net Zero practices. Net Zero Cloud’s CSRD report builder supports companies to comply.
DPEData Processing EngineFinancial Services Cloud“The Data Processing Engine is an “Enhanced Rollup-by-Lookup (RBL) framework that uses [the] superior processing power of Tableau CRM for faster calculation of RBL rules.” – an optimized way to transform and update records in Salesforce that is also being utilized as a framework for the RBLs.
E&UEnergy & Utilities CloudEnergy & Utilities CloudA solution designed for power and utilities, oil and gas, and even further to green energy options.
EDAEducation Cloud ArchitectureEducation CloudEducation Cloud is built on the EDA (Education Data Architecture) a pre-built data model, designed for the education sector. This supports institutes to connect each student account to an administrative account, and shows a clear record of any student addresses, relationships, and affiliations. This superseded the Higher Education Pack (HEDA).
EPCEnterprise Product CatalogEnergy & Utilities Cloud“Introduce and effectively manage a portfolio of products that are relevant to customers, released at the most opportune time, and at a low cost.”
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ERMEmergency Response ManagementWork.comOne of the four pillars of, this app is designed to allocate health, public and private sector resources (program management and incident resolution) aimed towards the public sector and health industries. Perhaps less relevant now than in Covid times, this app still can empower certain sectors (i.e. Public Sector and Nonprofits) for crisis management.
ESGEnvironmental Social GovernanceNet Zero CloudSalesforce has developed Net Zero Cloud to be an ESG platform. ESG reporting is typically complex and time-consuming to collate and disclose reports. With this solution, Einstein suggests report content, which alleviates the burden from ESG professionals and is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries.
FSCFinancial Services CloudFinancial Services CloudSalesforce developed a set of industry products to enhance and extend the functionality of its core products – the Financial Services Cloud is one example. This Salesforce managed package enhances and extends the functionality of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud combined to meet the needs of wealth management firms, insurance companies, and banks.
HEDAHigher Education Data ArchitectureEducation CloudEducation Cloud is built on the EDA (Education Data Architecture). This superseded the Higher Education Pack (HEDA).  HEDA is a community-driven data architecture and set of best practices designed to configure Salesforce out of the box for Higher Education.
ITSCIT Service CenterWork.comPart of, this tool helps IT teams better support employees from anywhere – a cross-team, cross-company initiative leveraging Tanium’s real-time asset management capabilities, Service Cloud’s case management technology, and the power of the Salesforce Platform for automation, integration, and personalization.
NPSPNonprofit Success PackNonprofit CloudThe Nonprofit Success Pack was specifically designed to meet the “unique” needs of Nonprofits, aka NGOs or charities, to aid them in being successful with their mission. There is a lot to unpack just in the name itself! It’s a “Pack” because it consists of several puzzle pieces to meet those needs, sitting on top of Sales Cloud.
NZCNet Zero CloudNet Zero CloudA solution for carbon accounting, emissions tracking, calculating building energy intensity, and more.
PSSPublic Sector SolutionsGovernment CloudThe group of applications built on an Experience Cloud infrastructure to enable citizens and institutions log in to a portal and manage their data.
RBLRollup by lookupFinancial Services Cloud“Rollup-by-Lookup (RBL) is a feature of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) that allows you to aggregate client financial data and rollup to the individual or group level using configuration rules.” Salesforce are moving away from RBL to the Data Processing Engine (DPE).
SFISalesforce IndustriesThe umbrella term for all industry-specific solutions that Salesforce has released. There are approximately 12 Industry Clouds, which are pre-built data models that enable Salesforce customers operating in these industries to get up and running faster.
SIDShared Information DataCommunications Cloud“Provides an information/data reference model along with a common vocabulary for implementing business processes. This business model is independent of platform, language or protocol and can help identify business entities that are important to the Communications Service Provider.”(source)
VPLVlocity Process LibraryA library of pre‐built business processes that can be used with Vlocity (Salesforce Industry) OmniStudio. (source)
Salesforce Industries Acronyms
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