Introducing Net Zero Cloud, a cutting-edge addition to Salesforce’s product lineup, specifically designed as a carbon-accounting solution for companies seeking to take ownership of their carbon footprint.  Net Zero Cloud is a sustainability management platform designed to help companies manage their footprint and track their progress to net zero. Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Explained.

This innovative tool streamlines the process of uploading data related to various aspects such as business travel, fuel, electricity, gas bills, and contributions from the supply chain. With pre-configured dashboards, Net Zero Cloud facilitates the effortless identification of significant contribution areas, trends, and potential action points.

ESG Reporting

Are you ready for ESG reporting mandates? Net Zero Cloud is the solution that can assist you in complying with CSRD, California regulations, and any emerging requirements. By integrating environmental, social, and governance data, this tool delves deep into carbon, waste, and water aspects across your entire value chain.

Quantify your carbon footprint by utilizing Net Zero Cloud to track carbon emissions and energy consumption stemming from your diverse assets or activities, which may encompass buildings, products, and travel, covering scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Explained

Who benefits from Net Zero Cloud? Notable companies leveraging Salesforce Net Zero Cloud for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives include CVS Health, a U.S.-based healthcare organization with 300,000 employees and revenues of $322.50 billion, and Mastercard, a U.S.-based banking and financial services organization with 29,900 employees.

Salesforce initially released Sustainability Cloud – now rebranded as Net Zero Cloud – in 2019, aiming to provide businesses with a platform offering a 360-degree view of their environmental impact with the ability to track, analyze and report reliable environmental data in order to reduce their carbon emissions.

What are the benefits of net zero Cloud in Salesforce?

Built on the Salesforce platform, Net Zero Cloud customers get all the advantages of Salesforce solutions such as full customization, bulk uploading of data, APIs to connect with other platforms, Tableau CRM for full reporting and analysis of the data and Experience Cloud powering a supplier management portal.

How does net zero cloud work?

Companies that use Net Zero Cloud get a single source of truth for their carbon emissions. They can analyze individual assets and understand impact across location and time. Net Zero Cloud also provides useful reports and executive-ready visualizations in a few clicks, allowing you to easily track and manage emissions.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

What is Salesforce net zero marketplace?

Net Zero Marketplace is a platform where organizations can evaluate carbon projects and carbon credits for consistency with their carbon neutral and net zero commitments or corporate sustainability initiatives.

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