Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides comprehensive solutions for digital marketing, encompassing digital, email, social media, mobile communications, customer journey mapping, marketing analytics, marketing automation, and B2B marketing. This suite empowers you to personalize customer communications seamlessly across all digital touchpoints, regardless of your location.

With Marketing Cloud you can achieve customer wins, enhance efficiency in engagement, and cultivate enduring trusted relationships. Interact on your customers’ preferred channels, all guided by data-first digital marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Digital Marketing

According to a 2022 Salesforce Success Metrics study, based on 3,706 global customer interviews, Salesforce Marketing Cloud contributed to a remarkable 27% reduction in customer acquisition costs. In a landscape where advertising and lead generation are costly, the ability to efficiently work and capitalize on leads becomes critical. Tectonic addresses this challenge with a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Quickstart implementation, expediting your journey with Marketing Cloud.

“Organizations See Nearly 300% Return on Investment with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Research Reveals”

Salesforce Study, Total Economic Impact of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud streamlines lead and customer engagement across channels, saving costly time and resources. This tool facilitates optimized marketing performance through intelligent insights, driving ROI with unified, AI-driven analytics. 

The power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud lies in its ability to personalize moments using real-time data. Tectonic stands ready to assist your teams in connecting with customers during pivotal moments, leveraging real-time data across channels, teams, and business units.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Digital Marketing

After Conversion

After converting leads into valuable customers, Salesforce Marketing Cloud aids in building enduring relationships. Through scaled, personalized outreach, aligning seamlessly with sales and service departments.


  • Einstein Key Accounts streamlines the creation of email audiences.
  • Automated journeys, built on meticulously crafted messages, deliver relevant content across all channels.
  • Einstein Insights accelerates sales velocity, shortening sales cycles with alerts and engagement insights.
  • A unified platform aligns marketing and sales, providing a 360-degree view of the customer and a background journey, freeing up teams to close more deals.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud leverages valuable data to segment leads and customers based on engagement with webinar, survey, and video apps. Account-based scoring and ABM analytics facilitate alignment between marketing and sales on key accounts.

Is it time for your organization to upgrade to Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s digital marketing solutions? 

In a recent study, Forrester found that a composite of the results from the five organizations using Salesforce Marketing Cloud yielded a return on investment (ROI) of 299% over a three-year period. Forrester also found that Marketing Cloud:

  • Drove more than $5 million in increased incremental revenue across channels.
  • Raised site conversion rates by 60% in year three.
  • Increased average order value by 35% in year three.
  • Saved 60% of time building and running marketing campaigns.
  • Reduced post campaign reporting efforts by 90%.

Tectonic, with a wealth of experience in migrating from HubSpot and other CRMs and marketing automation tools, and implementing industry-specific Salesforce solutions, is ready to help. Our Salesforce Managed Services solutions offer ongoing support. And with a 9.75 customer satisfaction score, we’ve been assisting clients in accelerating digital transformation with modern app architecture. 

Salesforce Integration Projects

All Salesforce cloud integration projects are tailored to your organization, and Tectonic is recognized as a Salesforce Integration Partner.  With over 185 Salesforce certifications we are here to help you leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the entire Salesforce ecosystem for enterprise wide success.

Contact Tectonic today for increased digital marketing success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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