What is a Salesforce Quickstart?

Salesforce Quickstarts are great for individual departments or small sales & customer service teams who want to get the most out of their Salesforce investment from day one. Tectonic refers to these as Salesforce Implementation Solutions.

Small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for quick deployment and want to get started with Salesforce as soon as possible benefit greatly from Salesforce quickstarts.  Quickstart packages have also been called Salesforce Jumpstarts, a program to help businesses quickly and efficiently implement Salesforce.  In either case, these programs are an all-in-one solution including everything from initial setup and configuration to training and support.

What is a Salesforce Quickstart Package from Tectonic?

A Salesforce Quickstart Package is a streamlined implementation process designed for companies seeking swift implementation of Salesforce. This limited engagement focuses on crucial planning, decision-making, standard and custom configurations, and essential user and admin training. It is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses aiming for a prompt Salesforce deployment, covering sales, marketing, service, and more.  A QuickStart Implementation is the fastest way to get your organization using Salesforce. It is a limited engagement that provides immediate benefits and a foundation for future digital transformation. 

Key Benefits

  • Fast implementation, getting up and running within a few weeks.
  • Proven results with a fixed-price engagement and a clearly defined scope of deliverables.
  • Knowledge transfer and best practices for effective Salesforce utilization.
  • We build out CRMs to make your business processes run like they should. 

What you’ll receive

  • Our Quick Start products get your business or nonprofit up and running with Sales Cloud, Pardot, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud & other Salesforce Products.
  • A roadmap for aligning Salesforce with your management needs.
  • Guidance on leveraging Salesforce to support business processes and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Implementation of best practices for usability and data quality.
  • Customized end-user training with hands-on examples to encourage user adoption.
  • Reporting and analytics for visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • A scalable Salesforce foundation.

.Partner Assistance in Implementing Salesforce with Quickstart

A Salesforce consulting partner, like Tectonic, can assist in assessing needs, configuring Quickstart packages, providing training and support, adopting best practices, and optimizing the Salesforce environment. Tectonic offers ready-to-launch Quickstart packages and Accelerators, ensuring faster system fulfillment, cost reduction, secure scaling, and enhanced customer experience.

How do I use trailhead to learn Salesforce after a quickstart?

In Trailhead, learning topics are broken down into modules and each module contains units. At the end of a unit, you’ll complete a quiz or hands-on challenge that will earn you points. Once you’ve completed all the units in a module, you’ll get a badge that is displayed on your profile.  Salesforce Trailhead is your first, free choice for Salesforce training.  Trailhead is a fantastic learning platform for new Trailblazers coming into the Salesforce ecosystem and existing Salesforce professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Tectonic is please to announce Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Solutions.

Content updated April 2024.

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