Tailor Salesforce security and privacy add-on solutions to fit your specific company needs, covering essential aspects such as monitoring and masking sensitive data, implementing backups to prevent accidental or malicious data loss, and ensuring compliance with evolving privacy, encryption, and data residency regulations.

Maintaining data privacy and compliance is made easier with user-friendly tools that streamline processes in Salesforce. Reduce compliance costs and enhance customer data protection by automating data subject requests, managing consent efficiently, and consolidating identities into a single profile. Simplify privacy management while safeguarding customer data effectively.

Protecting data in production involves various strategies to meet legal obligations and minimize risk. Utilize methods such as randomization for unique data, hardcoding for static values, and deletion when data is unnecessary. Additionally, minimize storage in your production org by automatically deleting old records and files, removing audit data, and implementing hard deletion when appropriate.

Automate data subject requests to save time and ensure efficient processing. Create policies to fulfill Right To Be Forgotten and Data Subject Access Requests automatically, monitor request progress, and utilize Privacy Hold to prevent data anonymization or deletion.

Streamline customer consent management with Preference Manager, capturing customer preferences to maintain compliance and trust. Use customizable templates for consent forms, enable customers to update preferences easily, and integrate responses into the Salesforce Consent Data Model for consistency.

Secure access management and unify customer identities across diverse sources. Administer customer profiles seamlessly within Salesforce, tailor customer journeys across various channels, and enhance personalization.

Implement Passwordless Login for a simplified registration and access experience, catering to mobile-first markets and enhancing user convenience. Enable Social Sign On to streamline registration using familiar social credentials, reducing friction and improving the overall user experience.

Maximize ROI with Salesforce’s Success Ecosystem, offering support, expert guidance, and resources to unlock the full potential of your investment.

Salesforce prioritizes security and transparency, providing robust data processing mechanisms and privacy commitments to ensure compliance with data protection laws. As the leading CRM platform, Salesforce empowers organizations to build trust while leveraging data intelligence to enhance customer experiences.

Embrace a Zero Trust security strategy, grounded in the principle of least privilege, to fortify your organization’s security posture. Implementing Zero Trust requires continuous authentication and restricting access to essential resources, mitigating the risk of unauthorized network access.

Adhere to the Principle of Least Privilege within your Salesforce org by granting minimal permissions necessary for users’ roles. Conduct regular privilege audits to prevent over-privileged users and maintain compliance with security best practices.

Stay informed about upcoming changes, such as the end-of-life of permissions on profiles, and explore additional security measures to strengthen your Salesforce instance’s security further.

Ensure data security at rest with encryption-enabled databases and adherence to regional data laws, such as GDPR. Salesforce’s secure server environment and robust firewall technologies protect customer data from external intruders.

In order to keep your data secure and private, prioritize data privacy and security in your Salesforce implementation by leveraging tailored solutions, adopting best practices, and fostering collaboration between your organization, Salesforce, and security teams.

For assistance doing an audit of your system’s security or adding security features, contact Tectonic today.

Content updated March 2024.

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