• Accelerate Approvals and Automate Tasks: Streamline approvals and automate repetitive tasks by consolidating teams, technology, and processes.
  • Foster Deeper Customer Relationships: Gain real-time insights into customer data and relevant context, promoting stronger customer connections.
  • Ensure Compliance: Empower teams to communicate securely while adhering to industry and international compliance standards like FINRA, FedRAMP, ISO/IEC, and GDPR.
  • Seamless Salesforce Integration: Integrate Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Slack to enhance deal execution and facilitate seamless collaboration.
  • With Salesforce Slack for Financial Services you can do all this and more.

Enhance collaboration and streamline workflows in the financial services sector with Slack integration.

“We believe that to become the number one bank, we need to be the number one tech team. To deliver on the expectations of our clients, we need to give our employees access to the best tools, and Slack is one of them.”

Martin Wildberger, Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, RBC

Access Records with Ease:

  • Quickly access accounts, financial deals, and interactions directly within Slack.
  • Transform Conversations into Actions: Create and summarize interactions for financial deals within Slack.

Efficient Shortcuts and Slash Commands:

  • Utilize shortcuts to perform actions without leaving Slack, such as creating and viewing records.
  • Leverage slash commands to complete actions in Slack, such as viewing or creating interactions, deals, accounts, or interaction summaries in the connected Salesforce org.

Financial Services Cloud for Slack:

  • Keep Teams Collaborative: Help users stay informed about client interactions and financial deals without leaving Slack.
  • Simplify Tasks: Capture client interactions, follow up on action items, and collaborate on financial deals seamlessly within Slack.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud:

  • Industry-Specific Offering: Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (FSC) provides industry-specific workflows and data models tailored for the financial services sector.
  • Vertical Focus: FSC caters to three crucial verticals within the financial services industry.

Modernize Operations:

  • Increase Productivity: Access critical actions by integrating notifications, approvals, and data from Salesforce Financial Services Cloud into Slack.
  • Automate Tasks: Implement no-code workflows to automate tasks in referral management, customer onboarding, and service, freeing up time for building customer relationships.

Accelerate Decision-Making:

  • Connect Teams: Facilitate cross-functional collaboration across the front, middle, and back office with cross-workspace channels.
  • Onboard Faster: Utilize AI-powered, org-wide search tools to expedite the onboarding of bankers, agents, and advisors by surfacing institutional knowledge.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences:

  • Resolve Issues Quickly: Secure customers for life by bringing people, information, and tools together to swiftly resolve issues and deliver personalized experiences.
  • Holistic Customer View: Build deeper customer relationships with a real-time, holistic view of customer data and relevant context within Slack channels.

Unite Teams:

  • Single View: Unite teams around a unified view of customers, their households, and relationships with the integration of Slack and Salesforce Customer 360.

Slack connects with all your favorite tools, such as Salesforce, Smarsh, Global Relay and more.

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