Data Cloud

Ingest, harmonize, unify, and analyze streaming and batch data with Data Cloud. Then use that data to unlock meaningful and intelligent experiences across Customer 360 applications and beyond. Salesforce Summer 24 Data Cloud Release.

Salesforce Summer 24 Data Cloud Release

  • Data Cloud Features Released by Month
    Data Cloud features and changes are released as often as monthly, so check back again soon for the latest solutions. Changes included in the Summer ’24 release are generally listed under June.
  • AI in Data Cloud
    Let Einstein do the hard work and autoselect the capabilities that can best influence a predictive outcome. As you build your predictive model, use data and training alerts to improve its quality. The updated UI includes the ability to quickly access different AI models. For more comprehensive AI capabilities, switch to the new Einstein Studio experience.
  • Query Data Graphs for Metadata and Data Using the Data Graphs APIs
    You can use REST API calls to query data graphs for their primary model objects, related objects, and fields. You can also query data from a specific data graph by ID or by using secondary lookup keys. Use Query API V1 to query data graphs.
  • Get Faster Segment Counts with Approximate Segment Population
    When building a segment, get a quick estimate of the population count to validate your segment rules. Use the new Approximate Segment Population field to confirm that the segment count meets your expectations. You can then adjust your segment rules and save your segment to get the final segment population.
  • Prioritize Campaigns with Waterfall Segments (Generally Available)
    When running a campaign with multiple offers, use a waterfall segment to create a hierarchical structure and prioritize your campaigns. For example, you have four different discounted offers, but you don’t want a customer to receive more than one offer. To target your campaign, create a prioritized list of mutually exclusive segments so that an audience member exists in only one subsegment of your waterfall and receives only one promotional offer. You can also rearrange subsegments in your waterfall to adjust the priority. This feature, now generally available, includes some changes since the last release.
  • Data Cloud Related List Enrichments Now Support Accounts
    Data Cloud Related List Enrichments now offer support for Account objects.
  • Enrich Most Objects in Your Org With Data Cloud Data
    You can now copy Data Cloud data into more objects in your org from Setup. Previously, you could copy data into the Contact and Lead objects from Object Manager.
  • Enrich Data Actions Using Data Graphs
    Add more details or context to a primary engagement object by pulling in the relevant data from a connected data graph. Then, send the entire payload as events to Marketing Cloud, core platform, and webhook destinations.
  • Look Up Data from DMOs for Your Org
    Create a lookup relationship between any DMO and a limited number of CRM objects in your org, so that you can query from Apex or create a related list for Data Cloud data.
  • Bring Inventory Data into Data Cloud with the Omnichannel Inventory Connector
    Omnichannel Inventory tracks inventory availability across locations and selling channels, making stock management and customer order fulfillment a breeze. Use the Omnichannel Inventory Connector to ingest your inventory data into Data Cloud and unlock valuable inventory insights and predictions.
  • Customize Web Pages in Real Time
    Wow your customers by processing user profile data in milliseconds to enable next-page personalization. With real-time identity resolution, real-time calculated insights, and real-time segmentation built on real-time data graphs, you can match profiles, generate metrics and segments, and return profile data while a customer is actively browsing.
  • Refine Access with Data Spaces Feature Permissions
    Data security within Data Cloud data spaces is being enhanced and better aligned with CRM access control, enforcing security for data spaces across all access methods. This upgrade includes changes that integrate data space access control into permission sets. Now, admins can directly associate multiple data spaces to a permission set. Use new feature permissions to further restrict access to data space-aware features for each data space within the permission set.
  • Cross Cloud Updates for Data Cloud
    Our latest round of cross-cloud features for Data Cloud.
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