In Summer ’24, OmniStudio (when the Managed Package Runtime setting is disabled) supports features from OmniStudio for Vlocity, including filling address fields in omniscripts with Google Map data, using Salesforce private connect for HTTP actions in integration procedures, and choosing whether to merge entries within a list in an integration procedure list action. Salesforce Summer 24 OmniStudio Release. Also, DataRaptor is now Omnistudio Data Mapper. For Winter ’25 upgrades, disable New Order Save Behavior. To prepare for future releases, remove organization and profile standard objects from data mappers, remove OmniStudio components with unlocked packages, and check the impact of the date change in the ADDDAY function return.

Salesforce Summer 24 OmniStudio Release

  • Easily and Accurately Complete Address Fields
    Quickly fill out address fields in OmniScripts with Google Maps data. When a customer, agent, or other user starts typing an address, they can select an address from the matching addresses that the field shows, and the remaining address fields are automatically filled. To enable this setting, designers add a Type Ahead block to an OmniScript and configure the Google Maps autocomplete settings, including whether to show a Google map.
  • Make Secure HTTP Outbound Calls to AWS VPC
    OmniStudio Standard now supports Salesforce Private Connect for HTTP Actions in Integration Procedures. Use Private Connect to make secure outbound HTTP calls from an OmniStudio org to an external service that runs on AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). In the HTTP action of an Integration Procedure, specify a named credential with an outbound network connection to AWS with Private Connect.
  • Remove Duplicates Within a List When Merging Lists
    To merge two lists in a List Action of an Integration Procedure, designers can now specify whether to merge entries within a list if it has duplicate entries. If an entry has a duplicate and is used as a Merge field, then the merged output is sometimes not as expected.
  • OmniStudio DataRaptor Has a New Name
    We’ve renamed DataRaptor to Omnistudio Data Mapper. You’ll see the updated name in the feature name and labels in the OmniStudio designers, documentation, and Trailhead modules. APIs, object fields, signatures, and URLs with dataraptor aren’t changed so that your implementations continue to work. The new name appears in OmniStudio Spring ’24 release and later.
  • Configure New Order Save Behavior During Upgrade
    Before you upgrade the OmniStudio package from Spring ‘24 or Summer ‘24 to Winter ‘25 or any patch release, disable New Order Save Behavior, complete the upgrade process, and then re-enable New Order Save Behavior to avoid upgrade failures.
  • Remove Organization and Profile Standard Objects from Data Mappers Used by Customer Portal Users
    Currently, our customers who are using the managed package runtime provides access to Organization and Profile Standard Objects for Customer Portal users through data mappers used in OmniScripts and FlexCards. Starting in Spring ‘25, Customer Portal users can’t access these Standard Objects in data mappers. We recommend that our customers verify the current data mappers used in the OmniScripts and FlexCards that are used by Customer Portal users, and remove Organization and Profile Standard Objects from those data mappers.
  • Change in the ADDDAY Function Output
    The ADDDAY(date, days) function of the Set Value element currently adds the specified number of days to the specified date, and returns the sum of both the values without considering the user’s time zone. In Spring ‘25, the ADDDAY function returns the date after considering the time zone, the same as in the package runtime output. Review your current setup to understand the impact of this change.
  • Remove OmniStudio Components from Unlocked Packages
    In Spring ’25, Salesforce stops supporting OmniStudio components in unlocked packages. Make sure that you remove OmniStudio components with unlocked packages from your deployment pipelines.
  • OmniStudio Minor Releases
    Find out about bug fixes, minor updates, and known issues about OmniStudio made after Summer ’24 and before Winter ’25.
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