Einstein Automate is a robust end-to-end automation solution within Salesforce, offering increased productivity benefits for individuals, account executives, and businesses alike. A central element, Salesforce Flow, transforms business processes by facilitating seamless interactions for both customers and employees. The incorporation of Flow Builder ensures the creation of automated business processes is both easy and efficient, enabling streamlined enterprise-scale automation from testing to monitoring.  With low to no code potential.

Salesforce Flow distinguishes itself with user-friendly features, employing easy-to-use visual elements and reusable building blocks. Combined with Automate, enables the creation of large-scale automations within Salesforce. The solution bridges disconnected systems and integrates siloed data sources into a cohesive workflow, leading to improved customer experiences and enhanced business agility through guided interactions for the sales team.

Sales reps are engaged in non-selling activities up to 66% of the work day.  That’s totally no bueno. Get them back on track and shorten sales cycles with Einstein Automate.

The introduction of Einstein Automate from Salesforce brings notable benefits. Studies reveal that automating manual processes with tools like Salesforce Flow and Automate saves employees four hours per week, enabling a shift of focus toward higher-value, deal closing tasks. Einstein Automate facilitates the automation of repetitive tasks, provides self-service portals, guides employee workflows, and activates intelligent recommendations for next-best actions on leads and accounts.

The platform offers reusable building blocks, including logic, data, action, and screen components, which can be employed to construct business logic. Automate enables the creation of workflows across Salesforce and external systems, utilizing platform events, External Services, and MuleSoft. Screen flows can be designed to guide user interactions and collect user inputs.

Einstein Automate

Einstein Automate streamlines process lifecycle management, encompassing low-code debugging, troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and usage analysis. Businesses can benefit from pre-built automation components and configure industry best practices through Salesforce’s AppExchange of pre-built solutions.

One great feature is Einstein Automated Contacts.

As a comprehensive add-on solution for Salesforce, Einstein Automate empowers businesses to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer experiences by seamlessly automating manual processes. For a deeper understanding of how Salesforce’s Einstein Automate and Flow can optimize your Salesforce instance, connect with Tectonic.

We predict there are great things on the Salesforce road map for Einstein Automate and Flow.

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