Salesforce Artificial Intelligence:

Salesforce AI provides a reliable and scalable AI experience embedded in the foundation of their Einstein Platform. Leverage Salesforce’s AI capabilities within your customer data to create tailored, predictive, and generative AI solutions that cater to your diverse business requirements securely. Integrate conversational AI seamlessly into any workflow, user interface, department, or industry with Einstein. Salesforce Einstein AI is artificial intelligence for the CRM.

Is Salesforce Einstein an AI?

Salesforce Einstein is a comprehensive suite of CRM AI technologies designed to facilitate personalized and predictive experiences, enhancing the professionalism and appeal of your company. Since its inception in 2016, it has stood at the forefront of AI technology within the CRM domain.

Is Einstein GPT available in Salesforce?

Introduced at TrailblazerDX 2023, Salesforce unveiled Einstein GPT to provide auto-generated AI content directly within the Salesforce platform. Einstein GPT finds applications in Slack, sales, service, marketing, commerce, and app development, presenting numerous use cases.

Salesforce’s Venture into AI:

In 2016, Salesforce embraced artificial intelligence (AI) with the announcement of Salesforce Einstein. Rather than a standalone product, Einstein serves as a technology layer intricately woven into the Salesforce Lightning platform and various cloud products, addressing complex organizational structures, growing databases, and heightened customer expectations.

Sales AI:

  • Accelerate sales processes with trustworthy AI.
  • Utilize Einstein to draft emails enriched with customer data and generate concise summaries of sales calls.
  • Leverage actionable insights to guide sellers, automate sales processes, and foster stronger customer relationships.

Customer Service AI:

  • Enhance personalized customer service experiences.
  • Utilize Einstein to surface relevant information during customer support interactions, resolve issues efficiently, and delight customers.
  • Automatically summarize case resolutions and build a knowledge base for agents, scaling service operations.

Marketing AI:

  • Drive personalization and productivity at scale.
  • Integrate predictive and generative AI directly into your marketing platform.
  • Use insights to boost engagement, create personalized customer journeys, and automatically customize outreach.

Commerce AI:

  • Personalize buyer and merchant experiences with flexible ecommerce AI tools.
  • Automatically generate product descriptions, recommend relevant products, and create seamless buying experiences.
  • Innovate faster and increase conversions with Einstein.

Einstein Copilot:

Einstein Copilot is a trusted generative-AI powered assistant seamlessly integrated into every Salesforce application. Whether employee-facing or customer-facing, Einstein Copilot automates tasks based on pre-built skills, utilizing prompts, APIs, Apex, and more to customize your own AI assistant.

Driving Productivity with Einstein:

Utilize Salesforce Einstein to drive productivity and personalization across the Customer 360. Create and deploy assistive AI experiences natively in Salesforce, allowing customers and employees to interact directly with Einstein for faster issue resolution and smarter work practices.

Einstein GPT vs. ChatGPT:

Differentiating between Einstein GPT and ChatGPT revolves around their specialization and versatility. Einstein GPT excels in specific areas, akin to a specialized sprinter, while ChatGPT, like a decathlete, demonstrates proficiency across various tasks.

Einstein for Sales – Key Features:

  1. Einstein Lead Scoring:
    • Prioritize leads based on successful conversion patterns.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein at an additional cost.
  2. Einstein Opportunity Scoring:
    • Assigns scores to opportunities based on conversion patterns.
    • Free for all editions.
  3. Einstein Opportunity Insights:
    • Provides predictions and reminders for deals.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein at an additional cost.
  4. Pipeline Inspection:
    • Offers a consolidated view of pipeline metrics and insights.
    • Available with Performance and Unlimited editions.
  5. Einstein Forecasting:
    • Enhances forecasting accuracy using AI technology.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein at an additional cost.
  6. Einstein Account Insights:
    • Offers insights on account-related changes.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein at an additional cost.
  7. Einstein Automated Contacts:
    • Automatically captures and suggests new contacts.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein at an additional cost.
  8. Recommended Connections:
    • Displays colleagues with strong connections.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein, Inbox, or High Velocity Sales at an additional cost.
  9. Einstein Activity Capture:
    • Captures data from Gmail and Outlook for Salesforce sync.
  10. Einstein Email Insights:
    • Surfaces contextual sales information during email composition.
    • Available with Sales Cloud Einstein, Inbox, High Velocity Sales, or Revenue Intelligence at an additional cost.
  11. Einstein Conversation Insights:

Einstein for Service – Key Features:

  1. Einstein Bots:
    • Lifesaver for routine customer inquiries on various channels.
    • Available in Salesforce Enterprise edition and above with a Digital Engagement license.
  2. Einstein Case Classification:
    • Categorizes incoming cases based on historical data.
    • Available in Salesforce Enterprise edition and above with a Digital Engagement license.
  3. Einstein Case Wrap-Up:
    • Predicts final field values for completed cases.
    • Available in Salesforce Enterprise edition and above with a Digital Engagement license.
  4. Einstein Case Routing:
    • Runs case assignment rules for skills-based routing.
    • Available in Salesforce Performance and Unlimited editions, with an add-on for Enterprise edition.
  5. Einstein Article Recommendations:
    • Helps agents find Knowledge articles quickly.
    • Available with Salesforce Enterprise edition and above.
  6. Einstein Reply Recommendations:
    • Identifies common responses to customer inquiries in Chat.
    • Available with Salesforce Enterprise edition and above, with the Service Cloud Einstein add-on.
  7. Einstein Conversation Mining:
    • Uses NLP to identify interaction types and optimize processes.
    • In pilot phase as of Winter ’22 release.
  8. Service Analytics:
    • Einstein Analytics Template for visualizing contact center performance.
    • Comes with pre-built dashboards for service managers and agents.

Einstein for Marketing – Key Features:

  1. Einstein Engagement Scoring (Marketing Cloud):
    • Evaluates engagement with marketing emails and MobilePush messages.
    • Available with Marketing Cloud Corporate and Enterprise editions, or Pro edition at an additional cost.
  2. Engagement Splits (Marketing Cloud):
    • Uses engagement data in Journey Builder splits.
    • Available with Marketing Cloud Corporate and Enterprise editions, or Pro edition at an additional cost.
  3. Path Optimizer (Marketing Cloud):
    • Determines the most efficient branch in a Journey.
    • Functions like A/B testing with automated branch selection.
  4. Einstein Send Time Optimization:
  5. Einstein Messaging Insights (Marketing Cloud):
    • Alerts to changes in marketing performance.
    • Part of the Einstein Messaging Insights dashboard.
  6. Einstein Engagement Frequency (Marketing Cloud):
    • Identifies the optimal number of email messages for contacts.
    • Available with Marketing Cloud Corporate and Enterprise editions, or Pro edition at an additional cost.
  7. Einstein Copy Insights (Marketing Cloud):
    • Analyzes email subject lines for insights.
    • Uses text analytics and natural language processing.
  8. Einstein Content Selection (Marketing Cloud):
    • Selects engaging content for each subscriber in real-time.
    • No-code experimentation tool for content optimization.
  9. Einstein Content Tagging (Marketing Cloud):
    • Applies searchable tags to image files using Google Vision.
    • Available based on Marketing Cloud edition.
  10. Einstein Email Recommendations (Marketing Cloud):
    • Observes customer behavior and delivers next-best content.
    • Configurable logic for scenarios and display options.
  11. Einstein Web Recommendations (Marketing Cloud):
    • Observes customer behavior on websites for personalized content.
    • Similar to Einstein Email Recommendations for web visitors.

This comprehensive overview provides insights into the diverse functionalities of Salesforce Einstein across sales, service, and marketing, offering a range of AI-powered features tailored to specific business needs.

Content updated August, 2023.

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