Salesforce Enhances Service Cloud Digital Engagement for Unified Customer Interactions

Salesforce has unveiled new enhancements to Service Cloud Digital Engagement, aimed at unifying unstructured conversational data from various digital channels, departments, and devices within a single platform. Built on the Einstein 1 Platform, these enhancements enable service leaders to gain a more holistic view of customers, enhancing the value delivered in every interaction.

Importance of Enhancements

  • Customer Expectations: Nearly 80% of customers expect consistent interactions with companies, yet 55% feel like they are communicating with separate departments rather than a unified entity.
  • Engagement Channels: The average customer engages with brands across eight channels, including chat and messaging, leading to potential inconsistencies, complex resolutions, frustration, and increased churn.

Detailed Enhancements

Service Cloud Digital Engagement is designed to deliver seamless, personalized conversational experiences across channels at scale. By connecting to Salesforce Data Cloud, which unifies structured and unstructured enterprise and customer data, companies can engage in more meaningful conversations. Key enhancements include:

  • Unified Conversations for WhatsApp: This feature will allow service agents to access a customer’s unified profile and complete conversation history. Agents and marketers can work off the same shared customer profile, providing a seamless experience in a single messaging thread. For instance, after a hospitality brand sends a tailored offer via WhatsApp, an agent can instantly respond to customer queries within the same channel.
  • Omni-Channel on Mobile: This feature provides employees with the flexibility to work on-the-go and respond to customers on any digital channel from the Salesforce mobile app. All conversations are securely logged on the Einstein 1 Platform. For example, retail sales associates can use their phone to respond to high-value clients, leveraging previous purchase history to boost repeat transactions and customer loyalty.
  • Bring Your Own Channel: This feature allows businesses to integrate digital channels like KakaoTalk, Discord, Instagram, and TikTok into Service Cloud through APIs and connectors. Data from these channels will be unified and harmonized in Data Cloud, providing a complete view of all customer interactions. Global companies can also support LINE, the most popular messaging app in Japan, to reach new markets.

With Service Cloud built on the Einstein 1 Platform, companies can integrate sales, service, and marketing data into one platform, facilitating more relevant customer experiences and driving business growth.

Salesforce’s Perspective

Kishan Chetan, EVP & GM of Service Cloud, commented, “As customers interact with companies across more touch points and channels, they are looking for more personalization and a higher-touch experience. With Service Cloud built on the Einstein 1 Platform, companies can bring in sales, service, and marketing data on one platform to deliver more relevant customer experiences and drive business growth.”

Customer Reactions

Olivia Boles, Director of Operations Projects at PenFed, said, “Being able to see all the communication — chat transcripts, emails, phone calls — on the member’s profile page has totally transformed the agent and member experiences.”


  • Unified Conversations for WhatsApp is available now.
  • Omni-Channel on Mobile will be available in beta in summer 2024 and generally available for all Digital Engagement channels later in 2024.
  • Bring Your Own Channel will be generally available in summer 2024.
  • LINE support will be generally available later in 2024.
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