4 Easy Steps to Capture UTM Parameters in WordPress Forms Using Attributer

Capturing UTM parameters within WP Forms using Attributer is simple. Just follow these four straightforward steps:

  1. Include UTM Variables in Your Ad Campaigns: Ensure that all your ads and marketing efforts incorporate UTM links before setting up WP Forms. Whether it’s Facebook Ads, guest blogs, social media bios, trade publication ads, email marketing, or email signatures, utilizing UTM parameters ensures accurate data tracking. Attributer seamlessly integrates with WP Forms to capture and transfer UTM parameters to your CRM for reporting purposes.
  2. Integrate Hidden Fields into Your Forms: To effectively capture UTM parameters in your CRM, integrate hidden fields into your WP Forms. Although these fields are invisible to users, they are crucial for Attributer to incorporate the captured UTM parameters. In WP Forms, simply add a new “Hidden Field” under “Add Fields.” Customize the Label, Default Value, and CSS Classes for each hidden field, including:
    • Channel
    • Channel Drilldown 1
    • Channel Drilldown 2
    • Channel Drilldown 3
    • Landing Page
    • Landing Page Group
  3. Automatic Population of Hidden Fields with UTM Data: Once UTM parameters are added to your campaigns and hidden fields are set up in WP Forms, Attributer takes over. It automatically populates the hidden fields with UTM data within your WP Forms submissions. For example, if a user clicks on a Dropbox ad after a Google search, Attributer will fill in fields like Channel = Paid Search, Landing Page = www.dropbox.com/features/share, and so forth.
  4. UTM Parameters Captured by WP Forms: Upon form submission, WP Forms captures all UTM parameters alongside the user’s information (email, name, mobile number, etc.). Utilize WP Forms’ native integrations to transfer this data to CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, or leverage Zapier for seamless connections to other marketing tools and software.

Capture UTM Parameters in WordPress Forms

About Attributer: Attributer is a robust tool designed for capturing UTM parameters within WP Forms. It operates by collecting technical user data such as UTM parameters, HTTP referrer information, and device details. By categorizing each visit into channels and storing the information as a cookie in the visitor’s browser, Attributer facilitates the automatic completion of hidden fields when a user submits a WP Form. Founded by a B2B marketing consultant, Attributer optimizes marketing ROI by precisely identifying the channels that convert visitors into leads and customers. Choosing Attributer offers a superior alternative to capturing raw UTM parameters, enabling a more refined and insightful data collection process.

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