By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne

Christmas came early this year with Salesforce’s announcement of Einstein Copilot Studio. Einstein Copilot Studio will encompass the following features:

  1. Prompt Builder:
    • Users can build, test, and deploy generative AI prompts without the need for extensive technical expertise.
    • Enables the creation of personalized messages and discounts aligned with the company’s brand and communication style.
    • Example: A marketer can use Prompt Builder to generate a personalized message and discount for a new product based on customer purchase history and location.
    • Offers a low-code experience for prompt engineering, seamlessly integrating with any CRM app or workflow, and includes the Einstein Trust Layer.
  2. Skills Builder:
    • Allows companies to develop custom AI-driven actions for specific tasks.
    • Example: Creating a “Competitor Analysis” skill for meeting preparation that analyzes market data, sales figures, and retrieves information from external databases.
    • Sales reps can prompt Einstein Copilot to swiftly execute the “Competitor Analysis” skill, providing comprehensive insights and talking points as the meeting date approaches.
  3. Model Builder:
    • Provides flexibility for companies to select their own AI models (BYOM) based on specific business needs.
    • Customers can choose Salesforce’s proprietary LLMs or seamlessly integrate preferred predictive and generative partner AI models.
    • Enables training or fine-tuning of models on data in Data Cloud without the need for data movement.
    • Supports “bring your own model” integrations with Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, Anthropic, Cohere, Databricks, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, and OpenAI.
    • Equips Einstein Copilot with more accurate insights and content tailored to unique employee or customer dynamics.
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