The world’s leading cloud provider and foremost CRM platform are joining forces to empower customers in the efficient and secure management of their data across Salesforce CRM and Amazon Web Services. This collaboration ensures the responsible integration of cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into applications and workflows. Enhanced integrations between AWS technologies and Salesforce products include unified data management, seamless deployment of AWS’s voice, video, and AI services, and simplified purchasing options through AWS Marketplace.

AWS Salesforce

The collaborative innovations between Salesforce CRM and AWS aim to elevate data management, enhance customer experiences, and empower AI-driven applications. Salesforce is adopting an AWS-native approach for its Salesforce Data Cloud, expanding its use of AWS across its entire portfolio. Simultaneously, AWS is broadening its adoption of Salesforce CRM offerings company-wide, including the utilization of Data Cloud for managing unified customer profiles.

Trusted, Integrated Platforms

Salesforce announces it is now accessible on AWS Marketplace, streamlining the deployment of Salesforce products for joint customers through seamless buying and billing experiences. This partnership signifies a significant milestone, uniting the top AI CRM provider with the leading cloud provider to deliver a trusted, open, integrated data, and AI platform.

Customers can securely leverage Amazon Bedrock within Salesforce Einstein Copilot Studio to develop generative AI-powered skills, apps, and experiences across the Salesforce Customer 360. The seamless and secure unification of data across Salesforce Data Cloud and Amazon Web services like Amazon Redshift and Amazon EMR allows the utilization of foundation models in Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice seamlessly integrates with Amazon connect, empowering contact center agents with comprehensive tools within their workspace to deliver enhanced customer service. Amazon Connect is chosen as Salesforce’s preferred contact center technology, available through its new offering, Service Cloud Voice.

The collaboration between Tableau and AWS leverages resources, technical expertise, and data knowledge to maximize the value of end-to-end data and analytics investments. This collaboration facilitates the secure deployment and scaling of cloud analytics, resulting in faster time to value and reduced costs.

The partnership between Mulesoft and AWS accelerates cloud adoption and facilitates seamless connection with data and workflows from various systems. Out-of-the-box connectors for key AWS services and business systems overcome data silos, allowing builders to focus on innovation rather than integration.

Slack, powered by AWS, serves as the digital headquarters for engineering, providing an integrated ChatOps environment. IT professionals can enhance cloud-centric workflows by monitoring and managing AWS environments from Slack, bringing together tools and professionals for faster code deployment, reduced incident response time, and increased visibility.

Additionally, the partnership enables the virtualization of data from AWS services in Salesforce objects for low-code development. Users can sign into AWS from Salesforce Setup or into Salesforce from the Amazon Management Console, simplifying service authorization, user identity, security, and governance between Salesforce and AWS.

Content updated December 2023.

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