Utilize Generative AI to Target Audiences Effectively Harness the power of generative AI with Einstein Segment Creation in Data Cloud to create precise audience segments. Describe your target audience, and Einstein Segment Creation swiftly produces a segment using trusted customer data available in Data Cloud. This segment can be easily edited and fine-tuned as necessary. Jan ’24 Einstein Data Cloud Updates.

Where: This enhancement is applicable to Data Cloud in Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Einstein generative AI is accessible in Lightning Experience.

When: This functionality is rolling out gradually, starting in Spring ’24.

How: In Data Cloud, create a new segment and choose Einstein Segment Creation. In the Einstein panel, input a description of your segment using simple text, review the draft, and make adjustments as needed.

Gain Insights into Segment Performance with Segment Intelligence

Analyze segment data efficiently with Segment Intelligence, an in-platform intelligence tool for Data Cloud for Marketing. Offering a straightforward setup process, out-of-the-box data connectors, and pre-built visualizations, Segment Intelligence aids in optimizing segments and activations across various channels, including Marketing Cloud Engagement, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Commerce Cloud.

Where: This update applies to Data Cloud in Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Utilizing Segment Intelligence requires a Data Cloud Starter license.

When: For details regarding timing and eligibility, contact your Salesforce account executive.

How: To configure Segment Intelligence, navigate to Salesforce Setup. To view Segment Intelligence dashboards, go to Data Cloud and select the Segment Intelligence tab.

Activate Audiences on Google DV360 and LinkedIn Effortlessly activate audiences on Google DV360 and LinkedIn as native activation destinations in Data Cloud. Directly use segments for targeted advertising campaigns and insights reporting.

Where: This change is applicable to Data Cloud in Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Requires an Ad Audiences license.

When: This functionality is available starting in March 2024.

Enhance Identity Resolution with More Frequent Ruleset Processing Experience more timely ruleset processing as rulesets now run automatically whenever your data changes. This improvement eliminates the need to wait for a daily ruleset run, ensuring efficient and cost-effective processing.

Where: This update applies to Data Cloud in Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Refine Identity Resolution Match Rules with Fuzzy Matching Extend the use of fuzzy matching to more fields, allowing fuzzy matching on any text field in your identity resolution match rules. Up to two fuzzy match fields, other than first name, can be used in a match rule, with a total of six fuzzy match fields in any ruleset. Enhance match rules by updating to the “Fuzzy Precision – High” method for fields like last name, city, and account.

Where: This enhancement applies to Data Cloud in Developer, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Salesforce Einstein’s AI Capabilities

Salesforce Einstein stands out as a comprehensive AI solution for CRM. Notable features include being data-ready, eliminating the need for data preparation or model management. Simply input data into Salesforce, and Einstein seamlessly operates.

Salesforce Genie

Additionally, Salesforce introduces the Data Cloud, formerly known as Genie, as a significant AI-powered product. This platform, combining Data Cloud and AI in Einstein 1, empowers users to manage unstructured data efficiently. The introduction of the Data Cloud Vector Database allows for the storage and retrieval of unstructured data, enabling Einstein Copilot to search and interpret vast amounts of information. Salesforce also unveils Einstein Copilot Search, currently in closed beta, enhancing AI search capabilities to respond to complex queries from users.

Jan ’24 Einstein Data Cloud Updates

This groundbreaking offering addresses the challenge of managing unstructured data, a substantial portion of business data, and complements it with the capability to use familiar automation tools such as Flow and Apex to monitor and trigger workflows based on changes in this data. Overall, Salesforce aims to revolutionize how organizations handle unstructured data with these innovative additions to the Data Cloud.

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