Enabling a 360 Degree View of the Customer: Financial Services Community Bank Salesforce

financial services bank salesforce
financial services community bank salesforce

financial services bank salesforce

Use Case:

The Bank is a 135 year old bank which has the feel of a local community bank but can offer enterprise-level banking services to its customers and business clients.

“The Tectonic team showed strong knowledge of the SFMC platform. They listened to our specific needs and use cases and crafted a customized and creative approach to meet our needs. They were reliable and communicative throughout the entire project.”

Chief Marketing Officer


  • Issues with Marketing Cloud subscriber identification
  • Disconnected customer data, unable to personalize communications
  • Marketing had to go through IT for all asks/automations/changes/ data pulls, creating delays in marketing campaigns
  • Web sign-up forms were going into multiple platforms


  • Tectonic designed & implemented a “Customer 360” data structure in Marketing Cloud which allows the bank’s marketing team to segment customers based on account details over multiple accounts
  • Coded the dynamic AMPscript necessary to personalize customer emails based on details such as branch locations & who the branch manager is
  • Custom API endpoint that saves data directly into Marketing Cloud


  • Created a better relationship with customers because it enabled the bank to offer more products such as business banking, loans & CODs to customers who may only be using a single banking service.
  • Trained client on platform best practices
  • Configuration of Web sign-up forms to go directly into Marketing Cloud.

financial services community bank salesforce

financial services community bank salesforce

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