How long does it take to implement the CPQ tool in Salesforce?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every organization is unique, with ditto requirements and needs. In general, you can deliver an Minimum Viable Product within a few months, which you can then build on. A truly successful CPQ implementation takes time. Contact Tectonic to explore Salesforce CPQ options.

  • Salesforce CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce, is a robust sales solution crafted to assist companies in delivering precise pricing for diverse product configurations. Unlike Salesforce CRM, which offers a broad range of features like contact management and opportunity tracking, Salesforce CPQ specializes in quote generation, pricing, and product configuration.
  • Where is Salesforce CPQ utilized?
    • Sales Optimization:
  • CPQ, short for configure, price, quote, optimizes sales processes by efficiently configuring complex products and tailoring quotes to meet customer requirements. The software swiftly generates quotes accessible to the sales team, ensuring prompt responses to customer needs.
  • Salesforce CPQ ensures accurate pricing by considering optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts. It empowers sales representatives to provide quick and precise quotes, accessible across different devices through its cloud-based platform. Integrated within the Sales Cloud platform, it establishes a direct link with CRM for impactful sales decisions.
  • How can CPQ boost profitability?
    • While many companies have yet to adopt CPQ software, those that have experienced significant benefits in terms of time saved, increased deal size, improved quote accuracy, and streamlined sales processes.
  • CPQ Reduces Wasted Time:
    • To maintain profitability, sales organizations need to work smarter and more efficiently. CPQ simplifies processes like proposal submission, ensuring lean sales operations by adopting principles from lean manufacturing, such as eliminating waste. Integrated with Salesforce CRM, CPQ provides sales teams with essential information on their mobile devices, facilitating swift quote delivery and enhancing efficiency.
  • Using CPQ as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Identifies Specializations:
    • Sales representatives may not have access to an SME for every sales call due to budget constraints. CPQ fills this gap by offering technical insights and options directly to the sales team. By leveraging the expertise programmed into CPQ software, sales representatives can offer specialized solutions, add-ons, or complex configurations, resulting in larger deals.
  • CPQ Increases Sales by Providing Accurate Quotes:
    • CPQ applications anticipate various pricing scenarios, streamlining the quoting process and ensuring accuracy. For instance, companies like Dexter + Chaney have seen a 30% increase in quote accuracy after implementing Salesforce CPQ, establishing trust and reliability with clients.
  • CPQ Speeds Up the Sales Process:
    • CPQ tools facilitate quicker sales cycles, as evidenced by companies like Domino Printing Sciences and Cloudera experiencing significant reductions in quote delivery and approval times post-implementation. By minimizing delays, CPQ applications help protect deals from stalling in the pipeline, enhancing overall sales efficiency.
  • Adding CPQ to CRM Increases Profitability:
    • Integrating CPQ with existing CRM systems leads to increased revenue and efficiency. Studies have shown significant revenue increases for companies implementing CPQ tools alongside CRM solutions. For example, Politico reported a 17% average revenue contribution, while Mitsubishi demonstrated a 50% increase in ROI in quote-to-cash processes. By augmenting core CRM functionality, CPQ tools drive substantial returns on investment.
  • Salesforce CPQ streamlines sales processes, increases deal size, enhances quote accuracy, and accelerates the sales cycle. By integrating CPQ with CRM, organizations can optimize their sales operations, maximize revenue, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Best CPQ Software Reviews

  • Salesforce CPQ – Best for custom pricing. 
  • Quoter – Best quote development tool. 
  • Infor CPQ – Best for addressing issues. 
  • – Best for real-time insights. 
  • PandaDoc – Best for document management. 
  • Paperless Parts – Best for advanced analytics. 
  • Proposify – Best for brand management.

Content updated March 2024.

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