Take your email marketing endeavors to new and amazing heights with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), leveraging the prowess of AI-driven personalization and streamlined campaign management. Email Templates in Marketing Cloud are a great tool. Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers you to seamlessly integrate all your campaigns, from transactional to promotional messages, while efficiently managing your email sender score. With SFMC’s consolidated platform, you can effortlessly select the perfect content for each customer from a centralized library, ensuring a tailored and captivating experience.

If you’re new to constructing Marketing Cloud Email templates, don’t worry! Free online resources are available to guide you through the process. Dive into the art of building reusable email templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with this comprehensive step-by-step insight:

In the space of email marketing, timing is crucial, and SFMC understands this reality and aids you in getting the timing right. Whether it’s sending a timely thank-you note or a birthday greeting, SFMC equips email marketers with the necessary tools to respond promptly and efficiently to their subscribers’ needs. One such tool is the creation of reusable email templates, streamlining the process of crafting personalized and captivating email campaigns.

Introduction to Salesforce Email Templates in Marketing Cloud

A Salesforce email template serves as a structured foundation for email communications, providing email marketers with a canvas to build upon and personalize. These templates can be customized with brand elements, contact details, and content blocks, facilitating the creation of consistent and visually appealing emails.

When digging into the creation of reusable email templates in SFMC, it’s beneficial to visualize the design in three separate layers:

  1. Template: This foundational layer provides the HTML and CSS structure for the email.
  2. Layouts: The intermediary layer adjusts the email’s presentation for diverse devices.
  3. Content Modules: The topmost layer comprises pre-formatted HTML, text, and images.

Creating Reusable Content Blocks in SFMC Email Studio and Content Builder

Before diving into email template construction, it’s crucial to understand the creation of reusable content blocks in SFMC:

  1. Navigate to Content Builder.
  2. Click Create, then choose Content Block and opt for HTML as the type.
  3. Insert your HTML code and save the content block.

Creating a Reusable Email Template in SFMC Content Builder: To craft a reusable email template in SFMC Content Builder, adhere to these steps:

  1. Navigate to Content Builder and click Create.
  2. Choose a new template or select from existing options.
  3. Build your template using the drag-and-drop interface.
  4. Add content blocks, layouts, and styles as necessary.
  5. Lock specific areas to prevent editing.
  6. Save the template.

Modifying a Reusable Email Template in SFMC Content Builder

To tweak an existing template:

  1. Select the template from the content library.
  2. Click Edit and make the requisite adjustments.
  3. Save the template.

Creating an Email from a Salesforce HTML Email Template in SFMC Content Builder: To generate an email from a template:

  1. Click Create in the content area and select Email.
  2. Opt for Template from the Create Email menu.
  3. Choose the desired template and customize it.
  4. Add content blocks and edit as needed.
  5. Save and dispatch the email.

Saving an Existing Email Message as a Reusable Email Template in SFMC Content Builder

Sometimes an email performs so well you want to save it as a reusable template. To preserve an existing email as a template:

  1. Navigate to Content Builder.
  2. Select Save as Template from the Save menu.
  3. Provide a descriptive name and save the template.

Mastering email template creation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is pivotal for efficient and effective email marketing campaigns. By following this insight, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools to fashion compelling email templates that foster engagement and yield tangible results.

By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Solutions Architect Shannan Hearne

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