Configure and use the inspections feature in Salesforce’s public sector solution to evaluate regulatory code compliance and record violations through onsite visits. Configure and use assessments for complex inspections, investigations, evaluations, screenings, and audits, onsite or virtually.

inspections feature in Salesforce's Public Sector solutions

Salesforce solutions for public sector, government, and tribal nations has evolved!

Inspections Prerequisites

Available in: Lightning Experience
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions with Public Sector Solutions

Before you set up inspections feature in Salesforce’s Public Sector Solution, complete the following prerequisites.

Prepare your org before you start to configure regulatory codes, assessment indicators, inspection
and violation types, and other inspection entities.

  1. Set up useful related lists on the pages related to inspections. For example:
    a. On the regulatory code layout, add the Regulatory Code Assessment Indicators and
    Regulatory Code Violations related lists.
    b. On the violation type layout, add the Regulatory Code Violations and Violation Type
    Assessment Indicators related lists.
    c. On the assessment indicator definition layout, add the Assessment Indicator Defined Value
    and Regulatory Code Assessment Indicators related lists.
    d. On the assessment task definition layout, add the Assessment Indicator Definition, Notes, and Files related lists.
    e. On the visit layout, add the Action Plans, Assessment Tasks, Files, Notes & Attachments, Regulatory Code Violations, and Regulatory Transaction Fees related lists.

If you are using Salesforce for the Public Sector and want to learn more about the Inspections feature, contact Tectonic today.

Salesforce Government Cloud and inspection features in Salesforce's public sector solutions

Public Sector Solutions provides two frameworks to help you to determine whether an applicant qualifies for a business license, permit, program, or benefit: inspections and assessments. Inspections are designed to evaluate regulatory compliance, such as whether a business meets fire or heath and safety regulations.

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