Make every moment with prospects and customers count with Salesforce Marketing Cloud 360. In today’s competitive landscape, personalized experiences are essential for meeting customer expectations and fulfilling their unique needs. Understanding customer behavior and preferences is not just a bonus insight but a critical requirement for businesses looking to market products and services effectively. Salesforce Customer 360 plays a pivotal role in enabling seamless customer journeys for both B2B and B2C companies by optimizing internal and external channels.

Customer 360 is a comprehensive Salesforce technology suite—a unified CRM platform that bridges the gap between customers and businesses. It provides a 360-degree view of customer data based on their past interactions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an essential component.

Marketers face challenges in applying insights to marketing strategies, and the speed of gaining insights is crucial. A significant percentage of marketers monitor cross-channel performance monthly or less.  They find it too time consuming.  They don’t have dedicated resources or tools.

In recent years, data privacy regulations have driven businesses towards a consumer-first, consent-based approach to data collection. Technology plays a crucial role in helping marketers adapt to these changing standards and expectations.

Salesforce Customer 360 offers an integrated CRM platform that organizes user data and provides a consolidated view of customers’ perceptions of businesses. It allows you to better identify users and make data-driven decisions.

Customer 360 enables businesses to establish strong connections with data sources and other applications. It’s a flexible platform designed to meet the essential needs of companies in understanding their customers. Organizations can access a centralized database of user information to develop targeted multi-touch campaigns, track campaign effectiveness, evaluate sales opportunities, and gain actionable insights.

However, a significant percentage of marketers evaluate cross-channel marketing performance in silos, either at the channel or platform level, instead of using a centralized view.

Marketing Cloud 360

Data integration and management remain challenges in achieving a cohesive view of cross-channel performance. Marketers encounter obstacles in connecting data from different business units and preparing data across sources.

Marketing Cloud 360

Salesforce Customer 360 offers key components that facilitate deeper customer connections:

  • Data Integration: Simplifies key business activities by gathering customer data in one place to fulfill demands and coordinate strategies.
  • Data Management: Defines critical organizational data and creates a unified customer profile, enhancing data quality.
  • Data Analytics: Facilitates deep data analysis for informed decision-making and operational improvements.

Salesforce Customer 360 empowers organizations to leverage customer data effectively, drive personalized experiences, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Key features of Salesforce Customer 360 include:

  • Unification of Data and Consent Management: Provides a comprehensive customer profile and manages customer data effectively, adhering to consent regulations.
  • Upgraded Audience Segmentation: Enables targeted marketing strategies based on specific demographics and customer behavior.
  • Personalized Customer Engagement: Enhances customer interactions by leveraging data insights for tailored experiences.
  • Artificial Intelligence Optimization: Utilizes AI to understand consumer behavior and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Follow-Up Features: Addresses abandoned cart scenarios with incentives and personalized offers.
  • Data Management: Simplifies data sharing and integration across departments.
  • Universal ID: Provides anonymous customer IDs for cross-channel insights.

Salesforce Customer 360 integrates seamlessly with other systems through MuleSoft, facilitating data integration and enabling personalized customer experiences.

Marketing Cloud 360

By implementing Salesforce Customer 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses can unify customer data, drive more meaningful interactions, and gain a competitive advantage through superior customer experiences and data-driven decision-making.

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